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Home Learning Blog 12 Week Beginning 29th June 2020 

Hello Class 1

Well another week has passed by quickly and it has been lovely to see you or talk to you or your grown ups via telephone or email.

Here at school we really enjoyed our stick learning based on 'Stanley's Stick.'
You can see that amongst other things,we found and used sticks to order different lengths and make our own 2D shapes, bubble wands and paintbrushes from natural materials.

I have heard from Lola who also enjoyed everything 'sticky' this week. In fact she called her stick, 'Sticky' and he became her broomstick and helped her learn to fly. From her picture it certainly looks like she is flying! Wow!

We also enjoyed taking part in the Virtual School Games which helped us to develop skills in many different aspects of PE. I hope you managed to get lots of exercise at home too.

This coming week our learning will be based on 'Mad About Minibeasts' by Giles Andreae; this is an information book which gives facts about minibeasts through rhyme - I love this book and hope you enjoy it too; follow the link on the activity sheet to hear it being read.

Please choose activities from the sheet as usual and enjoy discovering and sharing new facts about different creatures.

For your phonics learning this week, please continue to play grapheme or tricky word bingo as last week - everyone needs lots of practice with this. You might also choose to play games online using Phonics Play.
Another activity you could choose is to draw a caterpillar with 26 sections on it and you could write the letters of the alphabet in order using a section for each letter. Then you could sing the alphabet song to an adult using your caterpillar to help you. I have also re-attached an alphabet poster and sound mats below.

Please keep reading each day if you can - this is the most important task which I would like you to choose above all others. Remember that you can find Oxford Owl e-books online, which are exactly the same as our school reading books. If you need any help with this do please get in touch; I am more than happy to help.

For maths this week our number of the week is 20 - the usual sheets are attached and there are some investigation tasks on the activity sheet too.

Another attachment this week shows age-appropriate jobs which you may like to ask your child to help with at home. The children who have returned to school are really building on their independence skills, so these may help them to do so at home too.

As always, please select the activities which work for your own situation at home. We are also using these resources at school to ensure that everyone is following the same learning activities at the same time.

Everyone in our class bubble at school sends a virtual high five to you all and we are looking forward to all being back together as soon as we can.

Have a great week exploring minibeasts and their different habitats,
Love from
Mrs W x

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Home Learning Blog 11 Week Beginning 22nd June 2020 

This week is all about sticks!

Hi everyone.

It has been great to welcome some children back to school this week and our learning for ‘Keeping Safe’ week went well. The children are trying their very best to remember our new school rules in order to keep themselves and others safe. We all loved the story of Hedgehog and Tortoise and decided to do air high fives and draw cuddles to show that we care for each other while we can’t hug. I hope you have found similar ways to stay safe at home too.

This week our learning will be even more practical than usual and will be based mainly outdoors around a book by John Hegley called ‘Stanley’s Stick’. Stanley is a boy who finds a stick and uses his imagination as to what the stick could be. He finally decides on a name – ‘Fantastick’. I wonder what names you will think of for your own sticks!

So, all of our activities this week are outdoor, practical learning ideas – please do listen to the story and choose some of them from the attached sheet. Also please send me some pictures of what you have been doing. I would love to see how you have been spending time having fun outdoors with nature. I would like to create a stick collage of your learning; sticks are amazing and can really fire the imagination!

Our number of the week is 19 – please see the usual sheets attached as well as the  Stanley's Stick activity sheet – there are several maths-based stick ideas on there which I think the children will enjoy.

Our phonics focus for this week will continue to be recognising and using digraphs to read and spell words – please use the attached Phase 3 grapheme bingo game. Children need to match each digraph to the word it is in. they could then move on to spelling any of these words. I have also attached some tricky words bingo games (Phases 2,3 &4) so you could alternate the bingo games in order to keep children familiar with tricky words too. 

Please do not feel that you have to print everything off - these resources can also give you ideas for making your own resources, or you can use them on the screen. Let us know if we can help with that at all.

Sports is also a whole school focus for us this week, when we will be taking part in the Cornwall Virtual School Games; it is such a shame that we are unable to hold our usual sports day this year but we do have some great sports activities for you to take part in  as part of the Virtual School Games. You can complete different challenges to earn points for yourself and the school. We also thought it would be a great idea to turn the points you add into house points so we can have an end of term house winner, so do please have a look at Miss Edwards’ blog on the home page where you will find all the information you need as well as  activity cards which  explain the challenges.  We have registered the school so if you are taking part from home, you just need to submit your results by 9am the following day. Everything you need to know is on the Head's Blog. Good luck! I wonder which house will gain the most points...

If you have any queries about anything or need anything from us, just let us know. I can be contacted by email, as always, or at school, via telephone - Mrs Trevaskis is in the office to receive calls.

I look forward to receiving your stick and sporty photographs - please send them in as Mrs G, Miss Chapman and I really look forward to hearing from you and we can't wait to see and hear about all the creative ways you have used and played with sticks. What will your stick be? What will you call it? Where will you take it?

Fingers crossed for good weather so you can have a fun week with your outdoor and sporty learning.

Sending virtual best wishes to you all,

Mrs W x

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Home Learning Blog 10 Week Beginning 15th June 2020 

Hi Class 1

It was great to speak to so many of you this week and to hear about what you have all been doing at home; I love to discover how your learning takes place at home and I have heard lots of stories of den building, bridge and dam building, super addition work and counting, paddling pool fun, phonics and spelling games as well as your home learning for World Ocean Day. I also heard lovely stories of the antics of a new kitten! - well done everyone.

Faith used our ocean theme for her maths work to recognise numbers, count and add, as you can see from her pictures.

This week, as some of our Reception children are returning to school and lockdown is lifting slightly, it seems fitting to have a ‘Keeping Safe’ week. Therefore, our home and school learning will involve keeping safe during the Coronovirus pandemic, sun safety, beach safety and internet safety.

Take a look at the attached activity sheet and choose some activities to help the children learn how to keep themselves safe in all of these areas of life. All are very pertinent at the moment so please do choose an activity from each area if you can.

In maths our number of the week is 18; as always, remember that teens numbers are 10 and some more. How many ways can you find to make the number 18? Can you draw pictures or write a number sentence for each way? What interesting objects can you use for your investigations? Please do send pictures of your investigations. I have also attached a subtraction challenge sheet.

In phonics we shall be re-capping our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and using them to spell words and write short sentences. Please use Phonics Play to do this, playing games like Rocket Rescue and Space Race. Then choose words from these games to include in short, written sentences, using phonics to sound out to spell. Again, I would really like to see pictures of your writing.

I have also attached a handwriting  letter families booklet this week, so that you can practice letter formation with your children; please note that it makes sense to complete the sheets in 'family' order, so that you are working on letters which are formed in the same way at the same time. 

Please note that this is a great site for some home learning ideas; there are 50 activities to choose from for indoor and outdoor learning:

Mrs G, Miss Chapman and myself are very much looking forward to seeing some of you this week - we are missing you all so please do keep in touch, whether your child is returning to school or not. It really brightens our day to see and hear about what you have all been doing.

If you have any queries do please telephone or email me - if you notice that your child particularly needs help with a specific area of learning, I can make sure that I provide the resources you need. Remember too, that if printing is a problem, we can leave resources for you to collect at a distance or get them delivered to you, just let me know.

Have a good week and  keep safe,

Mrs W x

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Home Learning Blog 9 Week Beginning 8th June 2020 

Hello again to you all

I hope you all enjoyed the 'Surprising Sharks' activities last week. These were in preparation for World Ocean Day, this coming Monday, 8th June.

Mawgan designed a fantastic shark for a monster's toolkit - a 'Vernier Shark' and he has been working hard to complete the sharing challenge sheet for maths. I also know that Joseph has been really persevering to add 10 and some more, in his teens numbers maths work. He can now 'lock' 10 into his head and use his fingers to count on when adding 10 and some more to make teens numbers. He sent me a great video of him doing so; please keep sending pictures and continue to tell me what you have been doing - it makes me a very proud teacher :) 

Your activity sheet for this week is based around activities for World Ocean Day  and you will be able to access them online for the coming week. The program can be found here:

It would be great if you could dress up in something blue (you may even want to dress as a sea creature, or paint your face!) and choose some of the learning activities. There is a great variety  - stories, film clips, online visits, art workshops and lots more - please do take a look. If it is a wet day, you could even get your week's home learning done in one day!

Please remember to stay safe when using the internet; we have been given the next free home learning resources from CEOP, which have the theme of sharing images.
You can find the pack here:

Number of the week for maths is 17. As usual continue to explore this number, remembering that 17 is 10 and 7 more. How many ways can you make this number using 17 objects? Challenge yourself to a write number sentence for each way you discover.There is also an addition challenge sheet attached to this blog.

For your phonics learning, please continue with the booklet from last week, to spell words containing Phase 3 digraphs; if you finish it, I would then like you to choose a word from each page to include in a short sentence which you can sound out to write, using your sound mats to help you. Do keep using Phonics Play games too - there are also  Phase 3 and Phase 4 spelling games on there, such as Rocket Rescue and Space Race which are great for practicing your spelling of different words.

Please keep sharing stories; this week you may like to read ocean-based books. It would be good to know which ones you have enjoyed together. See the activity sheet for a link to 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts.

As always, choose the home learning which suits you; I have aimed to include a few things which will appeal to everyone; I really do not expect you to complete everything.

Please note that I have also saved Word documents in pdf format - it was brought to my attention that someone was unable to print using Word so apologies if that has been an issue for more of you. Please  do let me know if you have any problems accessing the attached documents and we can find another way to get the materials to you.

There are some welly boots and PE kits still at school; if you would like to arrange collection at a safe distance, we can leave these for you in the lobby by the main door, just ring Mrs Trevaskis to let her know and I will put them out for you.

Mrs G, Miss Chapman  and I have been in class, cleaning and tidying and we are missing you all very much. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all when it is absolutely safe to do so; in the meantime, please take care, enjoy fun times together and please stay safe.

With very best wishes to you all
Mrs W x 

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Home Learning Blog 8 Week Beginning 1st June 2020 

Welcome to the new half term


I hope you all enjoyed the half term break - it probably didn't feel much different to your normal days at home at the moment but I hope you all had a break from home learning activities and gave your brain a rest!

Just before half term, Mawgan sent pictures of his learning activities to me and I thought I would  share them with you. He did some great tricky word writing practice and I love his rainbow of words. He also made a collage of an elephant from our Ten Tall Giraffes story. Great stuff!

Our learning for this week takes the usual format and is in preparation for World Ocean Day, which is next Monday, 8th June. 

This week I would like you to watch a video of our focus text being read - 'Surprising Sharks' by Nicola Davies. This can be found here: 

There is an activity sheet attached; please choose some activities which suit your own circumstances. It would be great if you could choose one literacy, one maths and one other activity from the sheet.

Our number of the week is 16 and there are the usual investigation sheets attached, plus a shark sharing activity on the Surprising Shark sheet and I have also attached a sharing problem solving sheet below.

While it is good to keep playing Phonics Play games online, please note that our focus for this week is to practice spelling words which include the Phase 3 digraphs; there is a set of sheets attached for you to work through in your own time.

I know that lots of you love to learn from doing practical activities, so I have also attached practical home learning ideas from Classroom Secrets.

As always, above all, the most important thing you can do is to read and share stories each day. I do hope you enjoy 'Surprising Sharks'; I chose it because I know that you all love to learn about the world and I know that sharks are a particular underwater favourite!

On Monday next week (8th June), I would like you to take part in World Ocean Day and I will mention more about it next week, but please do have a look at the online programme for the day here:
You will be able to select clips and activities during the day which are suited to the 5-7yr age group.

Whatever you do, please have fun with learning new things together and choose whatever suits you from the tasks I have provided here.  Make the most of the glorious weather; I can't believe how lucky we have been to have so much sunshine during these different times so do make the very most of it while it lasts and enjoy the outdoors for learning if you can. 

Please do let me know how you are getting on and send me some pictures; I have missed hearing from you this week and look forward to catching up again very soon. I really miss seeing your smiley faces every day.

Take care and stay safe and well
Mrs W x


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Happy Half Term! 

Hi Class 1

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of this half term already and it has certainly been the most different half term I have ever known at school.

I want to tell you all that I am very proud of the way you have embraced home learning, whether you have used the activities on our blog, used resources your grown ups have given you or whether your learning has been time spent doing practical challenges and problem-solving outdoors. Well done children. 

There will be no home learning from me this week, so that you can all have a half term break. The next set of learning activities will be set on the week beginning Monday 1st June.

In the meantime, please also keep checking your emails - this is how we shall communicate information letters to you during these times of change. The teachers have been writing your annual reports, so you will need to look out for those via email too.

Have a good half term, spending time together; the photograph this week is of my garden, which is where I shall be spending a lot of time this week!

Wishing you all a safe and fun time.

Mrs W x


Home Learning Blog 7 Week beginning 18th May 2020 

Hello to you all

I hope you have all had a good week, it has not been quite so warm, but still great weather for us to enjoy the outdoors. I feel very lucky to have a garden and beautiful open spaces on my doorstep to help me get through this strange time. We all know the positive benefits of being in nature - so good for our well-being.

Another thing which is good for our positive mindset is kindness, both giving and receiving it. I was particularly touched to hear this week that Willow has made cakes, written labels to accompany them and delivered to her neighbours - what a super act of kindness. I also heard that Henry blew his dad's trumpet to thank NHS workers during the weekly clap on Thursday. I felt very proud to hear that some of our youngest children are thinking of others like this; well done to them both. Please let me know if any of you give or receive kind deeds, it would be great to hear about it. An example I have myself is that even though I have hardly seen Mrs G, she sends me messages to ask if I am ok - her kindness makes me feel cared for  and I know she is thinking of me. Thank you Mrs G!

Our home learning this week is based around a number story - Ten Tall Giraffes by Brian Moses.
Again, I have recorded myself reading the story to you and it is on a separate blog below this one. Have a listen and then choose some activities from the sheet attached to this blog. 

Your number of the week for maths is 15 - there are investigation sheets as usual and some activities on the Ten Tall Giraffes activity sheet. Keep working through the challenge sheets from previous weeks too.

In phonics, please continue to work on practicing phases 3 and 4 tricky words, using the resources I have given you over the last two weeks. This week I also have a challenge for you - can you use different colours to write the tricky words in a rainbow shape? Have a look at my attached example for ideas.

Don't forget to read to a grown-up and to share stories together; if you need more books remember to visit the Oxford Owl website for a selection of e-books:

There are also some great ideas for reading activities based on books by Julia Donaldson on this site: 

And this link takes you to some great reading ideas:

The children I heard from last week have been investigating teens numbers, writing number sentences, practicing sentence writing and tricky words and also completing crosswords and other activities from the Hippo Has a Hat and The Smartest Giant in Town activity sheets. Mawgan has done some great investigation of the number 14 and wrote number sentences to show his findings.This is super to see, well done to everyone. 

So this week, please continue to focus on reading and our number of the week, have a listen to Ten Tall Giraffes and choose some activities, but mostly be kind to yourselves and each other. 

Remember to send me pictures and information of what you have been doing, I do love to hear from you and to keep in touch with you all: 

Very best wishes for a happy, safe and kind week,
From Mrs W x

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Another Story Time with Mrs Wakeham  

Read by Mrs Wakeham

Ten Tall Giraffes

Today it's the turn of Ten Tall Giraffes - hope you enjoy it :)

Look out for activities linked to this story on the home learning blog for week beginning 18th May.


Home Learning Blog 6 Week Beginning 11th May 2020 

Hi Everyone   

I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed some VE Day celebrations over the bank holiday. I had a red, white and blue tea party with my family and have been doing lots of gardening, reading, knitting and baking.

Again, it has been super to hear from you and I know that Willow particularly enjoyed our home learning based on 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. She made a super scarf for a giraffe after watching the story video (see picture).
Halle dressed up in her red, white and blue clothes for VE Day and I know that Faith, Henry, Joseph and everyone else I have heard from has been working hard on their numbers as well as phonics practice and sentence writing.

Reading and sharing stories will continue to be a focus for our home learning and I know that Miss Edwards has also set a reading challenge in her blog. Please do continue to read stories together, it is such a special thing to do and will really help your child's development in so many areas of learning as well as literacy and communication and language. 

The story for our home learning this week is another by Julia Donaldson - 'Hippo Has a Hat'. In the blog below this one, there is a video of me reading this story to you from my kitchen! Please excuse my camera face, I would so much rather read to you all in person, and I have missed doing so very much.
Please watch the story and then choose as many of the activities as you would like from the attached sheet.

Please continue to play reading and spelling games using Phonics Play. We have worked up to Phase 4 so challenge your self to have a go at those games if you can. Otherwise practice Phases 2 and 3, that will be great:

Continue with the Phase 3 and a Phase 4 tricky words work books - please practice your tricky words using such techniques. If you are unable to print, these will give you ideas for how to practice reading and writing these important words. This week I have also attached Phase 3 and 4 tricky word writing practice sheets and snakes and ladders games for you to try.

Don't forget the Oxford Owl website for reading - you can find lots of reading books just like our school ones on this site:

Your maths number of the week is 14 and the investigation should be the same as for the other teen numbers, remembering that 14 is 10 and 4 more. I have included another home challenge sheet - this week it is to find one more/one less. See if you can use teens numbers in some of these challenges.

If you can, have a go at some of the activities about Hippo Has a Hat - I have tried to add a variety so that there will hopefully be something to suit everyone.

As always, please choose what suits you and your own family with these home learning activities. The main thing is to have fun, stay safe  and make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.

Mrs G and I are missing you all very much and we love to hear from you.  Mrs W x

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Story Time with Mrs Wakeham 

Read by Mrs Wakeham

Hippo Has A Hat

Today, Mrs Wakeham is sharing 'Hippo Has A Hat' by Julia Donaldson with kind permission of Macmillan Publishing. We hope you enjoy it. There will be activities linked to this story on the home learning blog for week beginning 11th May, so keep checking our class blog. Mrs G has enjoyed this story today and I hope you do too.


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