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Week ending 24th June 2022 

Week 3

Everyone had a Brilliant time at the trip to Porfell we couldn't have had better weather and it was lovely to catch up with all the mums and dads. The children were really excited to see all the animals, they had lots of questions about what the animals were or what they ate. It was lovely to watch to children giving the food to the animals and even those that were a bit worried tried to be brave so that they could feed them.

We have been learning all about Australia this week and it was lovely for the children to be able to see some actual Wallabys.

The children also made their own Animal Masks, although most children choose the more familiar animals of pigs and cows.

We have been looking at and talking about shapes this week. All the children have enjoyed playing with the shapes and the older children have been able to name and select shapes and then use these to make either new shapes or pictures such as "houses, boats and pizza" The children also needed to draw and cut out shapes for their animal masks.

Next week we have School sports day.   The children have kindly been asked to attend and take part in so we will continue to practice running on the school field.

Until then have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


week ending 17.6.22 

Week 2

This week we have had fun with Messy play, making marks and trying some letter shapes and faces.

We have also been practising for Sports Day, it has been great fun to get out of the school field and have a run around.  We have been learning ready, steady, go and running as fast as we can.  School sports day is on 29.6.22 and the Preschool children will get to run the first race.

The older children have been playing some bingo games with Rhyming words, some of them could also think of their own words to rhyme with the pictures.

All the children loved Miss Horn (Next years reception teacher) reading The Whale and the Snail to them. 

A big thank you to every  one for being so patient with us as we have had Louise and Sam off this week it has been very busy.

Next week our trip out on Wednesday leaving pre-school at 10am and meeting in Porfell Animal Land car park for 10.30.

Have a lovely weekend from Emma and Anna



Queens Jubilee

Thank you everyone for coming to our Jubilee Party and Cream Tea.  It has obviously been a while since we attempted any big gatherings or fundraising but I think this was a fantastic success all round. 

The children all enjoyed themselves, even if many of them kept asking when the queen was coming, and we must do something else similar very soon.

The children nearly had as much fun preparing for the party as on the day.  Here are some pictures of the children having fun.

Next week is half term, from all at Pre-school have a lovely break and we'll see you back on the 6th June.


week ending 13.5.22 


We have done lots of maths to make our lovely flower collages and also been able to tell what the different parts of the flower are called.
Many of the children could also tell us that the plants needed water and sunshine to make them grow.

We have used tools and our hands to make flowers from playdough.  We also used the tools to make patterns on the flowers.

We have been very busy planting seeds of all sorts including cress, peas, beans, and flowers.

A huge thank you to Henry's Grandad and Rachel from the Hive for the lovely plants which we have been very busy planting and watering.  We hope the pre-school garden will look amazing this summer.

Next week we are reading The Selfish Crocodile which will give us the opportunity to talk about feelings, sharing AND looking after ourteeth!

Have a lovely weekend every body.

From Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna


Week Ending 29.4.22 


We have had a brilliant first week back.  It has been wonderful weather so we have been able to get outside and study bugs and get lots of fresh air and exercise.

Bugs are brilliant for so much learning, not only are we teaching the children to treat bugs and all nature gently we also get to look at all the different sorts of bugs, be out in nature and do lots of counting.  How many wings for example, how many legs.  Also patterns, are they stripy like a bee or spotty like a lady bird?  Go out into the garden and let your children tell you all about it.

This week we have been readying The Hungry Caterpillar and many of the children can now join in and tell me the whole story.  Next week we are reading Superworm!  Yes bugs are so much fun we are doing them for two weeks.

Many of you will have had Group photos done this week, can I remind you that to get them sent back to school you need to order by 8th May 2022.

I would love to do a Cream Tea afternoon for the Queens Jubilee, this would be a lovely opportunity to get everyone together, parents, uncles and aunties, granny and grandads.  Its something we have been unable to do for such a long time.  Also maybe raise a little money for Pre-school. 

Unfortunately since Covid our FOPS (friends of Pelynt school and Preschool) has dwindled to one on the Pre-school side and we really need parents of the younger children to get involved as this will be zero come September.  Please talk to Emma or Rachel (Henry's mum) if you feel you could help us in any way, also if there's any Grandparents that would like to help this would be much appreciated.

You should all get the Newsletter this week but I have also attached a copy below if needed.

Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

From Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.

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Last week of Spring Term

As predicted a very busy but exciting week.  We have been making all things Easter ready for the Easter break, so the children have been cutting, colouring, gluing, melting, stirring and counting!

We also had a lovely visit to Church on Friday and it was lovely to see some Mum's and family there.  The children had an Easter Egg hunt and Reverend Richard treated us to Hot Cross Buns for snack!

We also planted some potatoes so that hopefully they will be beginning to grow when we return at the end of April.

Next term will be all about Growing and Bugs, if you have any spare plants, flowers or vegetables, we would love them to plant in our tyres and pot up for our playground.  Any compost and growbags would be brilliant as well if would be lovely to make the preschool playground a colourful oasis for the children.

Hope you all have a restful Easter break and we will see you all when we re-open on Monday 25th April.

All the best from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


weekending 1st April 2022 

The Cat in the Hat

We have had lots of fun this week reading The Cat in the Hat and making our own hats we have either collaged or choose our own rhyming words to put on our hat.  We even wrote some of the words ourselves.

At forest school we had lots of fun mark making with nature using flowers, leaves, sticks and mud.  We will try this again in the summer and see if we can get different colours and effects.

Next week is the last week of term and a very busy week.  Don't forget we are closed on Tuesday from 12pm for our Termly team meeting.  We also have an Easter Service at the church on Friday at 10.30 parents and carers are welcome to come along.

Friday will also be our last day before the Easter break, we will be back on Monday the 25th April.

Have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


week ending 25th March 2022 

Where the wild things are …. and raising awareness of Down Syndrome.

We want to thank all the children that wore odd socks on Monday to celebrate and raise awareness of Down Syndrome.  We also read a story to the children about Down Syndrome and discussed the differences we all have that make us special.

The rest of the week we have been reading and looking at Where the wild things are. 

The children loved having shape hunts after they had used the shape stencil.

They were also very busy making Mothers day cards and visited church to say thank you for all the lovely mums and family that help us. 

Have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


week ending 18th March 2022 


This week we have been looking at farming, which must be one of the children's favourite topics.  We have been reading the Apple Tree Farm books all week and stories about farm animals.

A huge thank you to Sadie for bring the lambs in and allowing the children to feed them.  They where absolutely delighted.

As well as colouring and collaging tractors we have found time to do some maths and some of the older children amazed us with their number writing skills, knowledge of sums and ability to add numbers.

We also had a bit of a catch up to St. Pirans day and made pasty's.  The children loved doing cooking and the Pre-school smelled amazing.

Next week on Monday we are celebrating and raising awareness of Down Syndrome Day by inviting you all to wear Odd Socks.  If you are not at Pre-school please send us pics of where ever you are wearing your odd socks.

We also have the Mother's Day service on Friday at 10:30 for some songs and a short service.  Please let us know if you will be able to attend.  We will bring the Children at Pre-school along.

We will also be reading the book Where the Wild things are next week, one of my favourites.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


Weekend 4th March 2022 

A busy return to Pre-school

We have had a very busy return with lots going on.  We came back on Tuesday to Pancakes for snack which went down a treat.  Many children wanted seconds!

We've also been celebrating books all week with children dressing up and bring their favourite books in.  It was fantastic when the children could join in with their stories almost word for word, it just shows how much they enjoy them.

We were lucky enough to have a book delivery from book start and the children were so excited to unbox the books and see what stories they were.  The older children also had a go at writing their own stories.  All the children made book marks to put in their new books.

Next week we are looking at Cornwall and where we live.

Have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna


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