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Summer Home Learning 

This week we have been hearing about Cody growing vegetables with his mum.
What a great thing to do - super for developing physical skills, understanding where our food comes from and being healthy; those peas and carrots look delicious!

As we have now reached the end of the summer term, we are reflecting on what a strange term it has been. We had hoped that we could all be together for the end of term, but sadly that wasn't able to happen.
It has been so good though to welcome some children back to pre-school for a few weeks before they begin the next stage of their learning journey over in Class 1. We all wish you well and look forward to watching you blossom and grow. We know that Mrs Wakeham is really looking forward to seeing you at school in September.
We have really missed seeing the younger children and are very excited to welcome you back in September.

Summer home learning should be about fun; fun with your families, fun with your pets, fun with your friends, fun outside, fun inside, fun with books, fun with numbers and lots of other fun besides!

As you know, communication and language is very important to us; please keep sharing books with your child; reading stories, talking about the characters, settings and what happens in the story all helps to develop communication and  language skills.

We would love you to take a look at this fantastic five year initiative which was launched this week. It provides simple activities and  ideas for developing your child's communication skills in a really fun way:

Have a great summer everyone, look after yourselves and stay safe; fingers crossed for sunshine!

All the best from Em, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Home Learning Blog, 13th July 2020 

It has been great to hear all about your home learning again this week. 

As you can see, Ava has been developing her fine and gross motor skills through art and cookery. She has also been using chalk to draw herself and write her name - all of these activities will help to strengthen her muscles and develop her moving and handling skills.
She has also been cooking with her Mummy, which aids her understanding of health and self care.

This week, and over the summer we would love to focus on reading and sharing books - so important for your child's communication and language development.

At our school,we always recommend the summer reading challenge which is run by the library service in Cornwall; this year they have set up an online challenge and if you would like to take part, all the information you need is here: 

Books for Topics are also running a summer reading bingo which you might like to take part in. There is a copy attached or you can take a look online:
A recommended reading list is within the document but you can complete this bingo by reading any book together.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte

We  also have a message from Sam this week:

Thank you everyone for their messages and pictures I have received since shielding at home. My family and I are all well and looking forward to coming out of self isolation on 1st August-when we can hopefully start getting out more. Sam

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Pre-school Blog 

Learning at Home

It has been great to hear about the learning which has been happening at home over the last week or so.

As you can see, Erin has been working hard on her physical development - she has been swimming in the harbour and has also been riding her bike without stabilisers, running on the beach, playing football and she went paddle boarding. Wow, Erin, it is great to hear how you are keeping fit and healthy!

Edward has been using technology to watch films and has also communicated to his dog Lola what he was doing. It is certainly good to see several skills being learnt in one activity.

It looks like the better weather is going to return this week so attached below is a list of fun outdoor activities, which may give you some ideas; activities do not have to cost a lot or be complicated, sometimes the simplest things are the most special, so do enjoy this time with your children and here's hoping for a few more sunny days.

Please remember that we are here for you and would love to see or hear about what you have been doing. You can contact us via email, Tapestry or telephone.

All the best
Em, Sam, Louise & Charlotte

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Hello Again Everyone 

Another week has flown by and we have heard that Georgia has been having some great learning experiences which highlight  the characteristics of learning:
-playing and exploring - children investigate and experience things, and ‘have a go.’ 
-active learning - children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties, and enjoy achievements. 
-creating and thinking critically - children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas, and develop strategies for doing things.

At pre-school, we focus on these characteristics of learning when providing learning opportunities each day. 
Children will then become creative and adventurous learners throughout their lives and develop skills such as curiosity, perseverance, independence and resilience.

Attached to this blog are some age-appropriate ideas for your child to develop some of these skills by helping around the home.

We are looking forward to welcoming some of our oldest children back to pre-school this week - please do get in touch if you have any queries.

If your child is not returning, we are still here to offer support so please keep using Tapestry, email and telephone calls to keep in touch; we want to know what you have been getting up to during these strangest of times. Keep safe and smiling everyone.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte

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Hello Everyone 

Let's get physical!

For our new home learning blog, the area of learning we are focusing on is physical development.

This week is all about sports for the whole school, so we thought it would be good to think about our fine and gross motor skills development at pre-school. If you take a look at Miss Edward's Head's Blog on the front page of this website, you will see how your child can take part in the Cornwall Virtual School Games - there are activity cards there to help with each activity, so do take a look because the cards also tell you how you can adapt the activity for different ages.

We would be delighted if you had a go and registered some points for our school!

The activities in the Virtual School Games involve the use of gross motor skills and this link will give you some more ideas to help your child develop these skills:

The animal movements opposite also give ideas for gross motor movements, as well as a great way to encourage children to focus their minds.

The other pictures opposite have some great ideas for developing fine motor skills, including an explanation of why fine motor skills such as using scissors is crucial for your child's development.

As always, we would love to hear how you get on with these home learning ideas, using Tapestry, email or telephone and we would love to see some of your pictures which show how you are building on your physical development skills.

Have fun being physical this week!

Em, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Pre-school blog 

Another great week of home learning

This week we have received some super pictures from Heidi and Erin.

It looks like they have both been having a great time with their families; their outdoor learning activities have included kayaking and bike riding - what great activities for developing their moving and handling skills and for building confidence. 

Both girls have also been developing their imagination through role play and small world activities, which is wonderful to see and the stories around this play will also build on their communication and language skills.

Heidi has also been making her own chicken nuggets for tea (great health and self care skills) and practicing her numbers and pencil control (maths, moving and handling and literacy)

All activities such as these incorporate the characteristics of effective learning and will help your child to develop skills in each of the seven areas of learning during  their early years; we know you are all doing some fantastic things and we would love to see more such pictures.

Another way to develop skills is to use technology - the blog below this one gives you some ideas of apps we think are great for young children.

This link will take you to 50 great ideas for home learning, both indoor and outdoor activities - there are some simple ideas here, so we do suggest that you take a look:

We miss the children very much  - please do get in touch if you need anything, we are available via email, Tapestry or the school telephone number (01503 220262)

We hope to hear from you soon,

With best wishes from us all at Pre-school,

Em, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Useful resources 

Some good app ideas

Hi everyone

The picture opposite shows some great apps which your children may enjoy to use as part of their home learning.

Search for:

Maths, age 3-5
Meet the Alphablocks
Meet the Numberblocks
Storytime from CBeebies
A farm animal jigsaw puzzle

Do let us know how you find these - we would love to hear how your children get on with them.


Pre-school blog 

Hello from everyone at pre-school

Everyone at pre-school says hello to you all; thank you for staying in touch - we love to hear from you and to hear what you and your children have been doing at home. You have been very busy and it is great to see some pictures of your activities.

As you can see, Joshua has been doing some lovely phonics activities and is starting to read some short words. Wow!

Douglas has been creative with his family and has also been learning to write his name. Great focus, Douglas.

Georgia has been going outside for her daily exercise, both walking and on her bike. Her countryside walk looks really exciting.

Sienna has been baking with her brothers and sisters and has been learning to use a knife - great chopping!

Attached to this blog are some scavenger hunts which you may find fun to take part in with your child - we would love you to choose one to suit you and it would be great to see some pictures of your activities.

Please continue to log into your Tapestry account and if you have any queries about anything, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are missing you all very much and hope you are staying safe and well with your families. Most importantly, have fun!

With best wishes from 

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.                     

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Hello Everyone 

Hello to you all

Everyone at pre-school and school has been thinking of you and we hope you have been staying safe and well, enjoying your time together during half term.

We have attached some practical activity ideas which you may find useful over the next couple of weeks (they are attached at the bottom of this blog). These include some really good ways of building on communication and language skills as well as continuing to share lots of stories, rhymes and songs together. 

This is a  link to a lovely video story about  social distancing which you may find useful to share with your children:

We love to hear from you, so please keep using Tapestry and if you have any queries please do contact us:                             

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Pre-school home learning 

Learning at home.

It has been lovely to see all of the wonderful activities the children are taking part in at home. Tapestry has been a wonderful sharing tool. We have seen children baking, planting seeds, making kites, making a pebble number line and there has been lots of fun had drawing.

Through Tapestry we have been able to share your end of term summaries and next steps. There have also been ideas to support learning and playing at home.

So, during your time at home, remember to share stories and rhymes, build in lots of opportunities to count and take notice of the natural world around you. But most of all, enjoy playing. Children learn best through play and having fun. 

We hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying spending some precious time together.


Remember to log into your tapestry account. If you have any difficulties, please send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you. We are really enjoying hearing from you all.


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