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Week ending 1st April 2021 

Easter Week

As you can see from the pictures we have been celebrating all things Easter this week.  The children have made Easter Chicks for cards and decorated Easter Crowns.  We all had lots of fun

They also enjoyed making Chocolate crispy cakes and counted on the eggs.

Some of the Children have been practicing fine motor control and numbers with dot-to-dot and colouring in. We've all had lots of fun.

Next term is Summer Term first half and we shall be looking at mini beasts, frogs, trees and all things growing.  If you have any compost, pots, seeds or plants that you could donate we would be very grateful.

First half of Summer terms starts on Monday 19th April and runs until May 28th giving us 6 weeks to pack with play and learning.

Charlotte will be moving on in the new term to a position at the school, so at least we hope to still be able to wave hello.  We will miss her loads but wish her all the best.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter Break and look forward to seeing you all soon.  

From Emma, Sam and Louise. xxx


Week ending 26th March 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We made a house outside and the children loved reading the book to each other using the different voices of the bears.


We had porridge with chopped fruit and honey for snack which nearly all the children loved.  We also had messy play with porridge and bowls outside.

Fine motor control

We coloured and cut out the story characters which is brilliant practise for helping us hold our pencils better. We also put the characters in order from "tallest" to "smallest"


The weather has been so lovely that we have managed to spend most of it outside.  We tapped out rhythms with the claves and used the tree stumps as drums.

We even finished off our junk modelling outside.  Next week will obviously be all about Easter so we will be looking at all sorts of birds and also other things that come out of eggs ……..

Have a lovely week end and we will see you next week for the last week of term, don't forget Friday is Good Friday so a bank holiday.  All the Best from Emma, Sam, Charlotte and Louise.


Week Ending 19th March 

Listening Walk

We have been looking at were we live this week.  We made headbands with giant ears on to remind us to listen when we went on our walk.  We could see many different parts of the community from the school grounds like the "church", "shop" and even some of our own homes.  We also heard lots of different noises and the children named "Seagulls" and "crows" as some of the birds.

Acting out the story

Many of the children have been very interested in acting out our story from last week, which was The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, they have been taking turns using the climbing frame as the bridge and saying the lines "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?" and "I'm mean and hungry and I'm going to eat you up!" also "No, don't eat me, I'm skinny.  Eat my brother" They definitely prefer being the Troll!


We discussed the buildings we saw on our walk and introduced some junk modelling.  The children's imaginations were not to be limited though and we have also had a lot of rockets and robots and even and automatic rabbit feeder.  The children are working on these over several days so their ideas can develop. Some may still be waiting for finish touches before they come home next week.

and more building ….

We are very lucky to have a new brick set and the children have loved this sunny weather for building amazing constructions outside.

Comic Relief Day

We have made Jam tarts and collaged giant red noses today.  Thank you for any donations made, together with the school we made over £75.00.

and a surprise visitor

Finally, a huge thank you to Charlotte for bringing Simon the Sheep in for the children to feed.  He was a big hit and we have told Charlotte she can bring him in every week!

Next week our story is Goldilocks which is a great opportunity for numbers and size sorting.  Have a wonderful week end and all the best from Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


Week ending 12th March 

Spring has sprung!

Well I know it's not officially Spring yet but the children are enjoying playing outside together and have been talking about all the flowers they have seen.  We had daffodils on their artwork and daffodils on our snack table as a talking point.  When Charlotte bought them in on Monday they were still green and the children have enjoyed commenting on what is happening to them each day.

Fine Motor Control

We have also been giving the children lots of activities to help their fine motor control.  This will help the youngest to start holding a pencil or crayon with their fingers instead of their whole hand. 

It will also improve the strength of the hand for the older children so that they can gain more control with writing their letters and be able to do more accurate cutting.

We have also been reading 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' all week and by Friday the children were joining in fantastically with a scary Troll voice.

Next week we will be thinking about where we live and will take a walk around the school field and grounds to have a look out at the community.

As it is Census week we will also be doing some counting!

On Friday it will be Comic Relief Day so children can wear something red (or funny!) and we will do some fun activities, they can bring a penny if they would like to donate.


Weekending 26th February 

Farms and Farm Animals

This week we have been looking at farms and farm animals which the children obviously love.  It has meant lots of singing Old MacDonalds 'Barn' and following the instructions.  Also playing with and painting farm animals of which the children all have their favourites.

We even made farm animal masks.

Playing together is so important.

We also concentrated on getting back into the Pre-school routines and this has been even more important as more of our friends are able to re-join us at Pre-school;  remembering where to hang our coats and put our lunches as well as being as independent as possible.

The children obviously gain so much from being able to join in and play with other children again, whether it's been a week since the end of term or months since lockdown and it's a joy to see them following each other's play and talking to each other.

We have been playing games, singing together and looking at pictures together and importantly listening to each other.

Making a Farm

The boys also made a farm on the Tuff Spot which gave us lots of opportunity to count and categorise the different animals as well as talking about the sizes.

Next week we will be learning all about Cornwall as it is St Piran's day on Friday.  So there will still be farming but also fishing , beaches and making scones!

Perhaps you could talk to your child about where they live;  what road, what village and where Cornwall is as appropriate to your child's age.    Have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Charlotte and Louise.

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Week ending 12th February 2021

This week at preschool we have been learning about 'People who help us' The children have enjoyed looking at different types of jobs and discussing what members of their families do. We ended the week making a big NHS rainbow out of handprints which the children have proudly put on display in our preschool window.

Story time 

At story time we have read a collection of books about different occupations. The children loved learning about the different kinds of jobs and how they help us, they also discussed what they want to do when they are older. Ona wanted to be a vet "to help the animals get better" and Eddie wants to be a Fireman "I want to put fire out-they are pretty cool people!"  


The children have been practising maths using themed activities and worksheets. They have been busy counting objects and finding the correct numerals, practising scissor skills  and completing some pencil control sheets to help with pencil grip. Harrison has also learnt to write 'H' and was very proud to show everyone. 

NHS rainbow

The children loved painting their hands to make handprints for a rainbow. They could say what colours we needed and also practised colour mixing to make orange and green.  We talked about how lots of people work hard to keep us safe and healthy. The children wanted to display it in the window to show their parents and some mentioned how they had seen rainbows in other people's windows. When finished making it one of the children stated that they loved it and how "a rainbow makes people smile"


Because pancake day falls in half term this year, we decided to have pancakes as a treat for snack today. The children told us what ingredients we needed and then enjoyed mixing them altogether. Their favourite part was watching the pancakes being tossed in the air. They were all shouting higher, higher! The children loved eating the pancakes with their fruit for snack.
Once finished Sienna then went into the role play area to recreate pancake making with the baby. She used a plastic pan and then used a strawberry tart as the pancake. She tossed the tart up in the air and caught it again. She told me the baby was telling her to go higher!  

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe half term and look forward to returning on Tuesday 23rd 

Sam, Emma, Louise and Charlotte



Week ending 5th February 2021

Our topic this week at Preschool has been all about 'Our Families'  The children have enjoyed talking about, who they live with, different families as well as other family members.

Families and Feelings 

The children have enjoyed drawing their families and talking about who is in their family and who lives with them. They also talked about feelings and what makes members of their family happy and sad. We had some very interesting answers including "Daddy sad because Mummy turns off Star Wars" and "Mummy sad coz she doesn't want a duck in the family!" 
The children also made collages of themselves using different materials. We got some great texture language when the children described what materials they were using. 

We really enjoy drawing and creating our own pictures. We are improving our skills all the time. Next week we are going to focus on how we hold our pencils so that we can have even better control. 


We've also done some Maths work including comparing quantities- saying who had the most, categorising by size and matching numerals with quantities. Harrison was able to put all the big bears in one pot and all the little bears in the other.  

Outside Play

The children have also had lots of fun outside. Playing in the Mud Kitchen, Washing the pots and pans with lots of bubbles and making an obstacle course using different objects and toys from the shed. Although the weather has been wet the children still enjoy playing outside, please remember to bring wellies and overalls to allow your child to enjoy it whatever the weather. 


Before having lunch we have all enjoyed using the ipad to join in with some dance programmes. This allows the children to enjoy some physical play, learn to imitate and concentrate. This week we have watched 'Andy's Wild Workouts' on CBeebies- they loved copying the moves pretending to be sea creatures. I think the Whale Shark was their favourite move! 

Have a lovely weekend
Sam, Emma, Charlotte and Louise

Learning at home

Cody has done some great work at home. He's been very busy baking crispie cakes, building dens and a house for his toys, making music using his new drum set as well as maths work- Cody was able to put the correct quantity of toy vehicles with the numerals 1-11. Well Done Cody some great activities and fantastic learning.

Next week we are talking about 'People Who Help Us' Some home learning ideas for this topic are:

  • Talk about the different people who help us. E.g Emergency services, teachers and parents
  • Draw/ Paint a police car, ambulance or Fire Engine.
  • If you asked for work packs we have included some fireman maths sheets, police pencil control sheets and cutting and sticking maths sheet.
Please remember to put on Tapestry or email photos of what your child has been up to.
Thank You.


Week ending 29th Jan 

Our Homes

This week the children have created some amazing collages of their homes. This was a brilliant activity to get the children talking while they were making, using lots of shape, number and size language.  Some even had Orangutans in their bedrooms!  It also involved some sticking and cutting which is all fantastic fine motor practise.

We painted pictures of our homes, some of which had dinosaurs in the garden! We used lego to make houses and talked about how our homes where different.


We have been looking at the shapes on our pictures and hunting for shapes around the preschool.
We made marks for the numbers, then we counted how many of each we had found and said which there was most of.  This game could be played at home or on a walk.  The younger children looked for colours around the room and we introduced the names of shapes to them.

Turn taking

We also developed our turn taking skills with the Sound Lotto game.  The boys are getting really good at listening for different sounds and following the rules of the game.

Next week we are looking at our families and talking about the differences between families.

Have a great weekend everyone from Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


Week ending 22nd January 2021 

Our topic this week at Preschool has been 'All About Pets' The children have taken part in discussions about different pets, making junk model dogs and turn taking games.

What Pets do we have?

On Thursday the children talked about which different kind of pets they have. The children then made a chart to see which pet was the most popular. It turned out that between us small dogs were the most popular. 

This was a great maths activity and also got the children to find out similarities and difference too. Once finished the older children could tell us which pet had the most and which pet we all had the least of. The children counted the different squares and wrote the correct number above them. At the end of the activity Eddie said "that was really fun!"


The older children have now started to learn rhyming. We have been reading basic rhyming books and throughout the day the adults have been saying some rhyming pairs to see if the children can notice them.  This activity can be done at home too. It just gets the children to recognise different rhyming words and to see if they can think of their own.

Listening and turn taking games

We've also used this week to play some listening and turn taking games. The Animal Sound Lotto has been very popular, the children had to listen to the different animal sounds on the CD and find the matching animal on their boards. It was lovely seeing the children work together and helping each other with the sounds.
The Pets matching game was another popular one, this was great for turn taking. The children had to find two animal cards which were the same. Afterwards the children practiced their maths by counting how many cards they had to see who had the most. 
Turn taking games are a great activity to do at home too, this helps the child to learn about sharing, waiting their turn and communication skills. 

Have a great weekend.
Sam, Emma, Charlotte and Louise

Learning at home

Douglas has been busy at home practising his writing. Douglas is now copying his name by himself and forming some great letters. He has also completed pencil control worksheets and made a junk model boat and man whilst his sister was doing her school work. Well done!

Next week we are talking about 'Our Homes'. Some home learning ideas for this topic include:
  • Make a house picture out of different shaped paper. Talk about the shape of the windows, doors etc.
  • Go on a walk or out in your garden. Talk about the different natural objects you can find. The children could also use them to make collages with.
  • Talk about the different types of homes people live in. Eg Flat, bungalow, caravan etc
Please remember to put on Tapestry or email photos of what your child has been up to. Thank you.


Week ending 15th January 

Looking at colours.

The boys had wonderful fun talking about the different coloured objects, looking in the boxes and telling us what they found.  Then they enjoyed sorting the objects by colour back into the correct boxes.  This is a game you could easily play at home, if you don't have any boxes you could use bowls or even pieces of paper with some colour on.  Then you can discuss the different things the children find around the home, please send us some pictures of your collections.

more colours...….

Then we discussed other things that were red and printed some pictures off the computer for the children to colour.  What can you find to draw?

Water and bubbles.

Always lots of fun and easy to provide, water and bubbles!  A fantastic learning and sharing opportunity.  We used lots of maths language to describe the play.  "Is it full? now its half way. Oh dear its empty again."

Pictures from home.

Its lovely to see Henry and Alice playing their Penguin game at home.  Turn taking games are fantastic even if you have to take turns with mum and dad.


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