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Week beginning 19th October 

What a great week of learning we have had

As you can see, we have had a variety of learning experiences this week.

We have read 'The Little Red Hen' (Cody is recalling the story in the picture) and following on from that, we learnt  how to make bread. The children have made rolls too.

We also have been looking at different fruit and veg and had a fruit salad for snack on Tuesday.

Sienna and Douglas used the correct colours to colour the different fruits and told us which ones they like/ dislike and then they used them for printing.

On the tuff spot you can see that the children  made a farm using different materials and natural resources which they collected; it was great to see them using their own ideas and materials and to then enjoy playing with their small world creation.

This coming week we are extending our printing skills to create leaf prints, we shall be learning about trees and going on a bear hunt, based on the favourite book.Lots of outdoor learning to look forward to!

We hope you are having a good weekend.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


Week beginning 12th October 2020 

Another week of fun learning activities at pre-school

This week we have been outside a lot for our learning, which included a listening walk in the field.

We also collected natural materials and the children have worked hard on their maths skills, using the natural objects they collected to match  numerals and quantities.
We also observed some great independent counting up to 8 objects. Well done everyone.

For our expressive art and design learning we have had a junk modelling table set up which the children have enjoyed using. They developed so many different skills; designing, creating, developing their fine motor skills and also communication and language to explain what they had made and how they achieved it. They also displayed some great perseverance in order to achieve what they set out to do; this is always great to see.
As you can see, Douglas made a telescope and Cody was really good at sticking the boxes together using tape in his creation..

This week we are looking forward to thinking about where our food comes from, linked to harvest festival for Christians. This will involve building on new vocabulary for our communication and language skills, when we describe the fruit and vegetables we will investigate using our senses. 
Our maths vocabulary will be focussed on size words, again linked to the food we shall discover. We shall also be creating patterns using fruit and vegetables to print with.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Em, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning 5th October 

Last week at pre-school we were discussing our feelings, focussing on what makes us feel happy and sad. The children made super posters to express this. We shall be extending this to talking about feeling scared this coming week, through the use of the wonderful story of 'Owl Babies.'

We also focused on music in our expressive arts and design learning and the children have made their own shakers. At circle time we had great fun, using them to play when we were singing. Some  children have also used the real instruments to explore how sounds can be changed - how great to see such curiosity.

This week, some children also brought  photos in of when they were babies and we have been making observations and talking about what they can do now that they could not do as babies.

Eddie has drawn a lovely picture of a dinosaur outside using the chalks - great pencil control as part of his physical development.

We shall be continuing to focus on physical development this coming week, with cutting skill practice indoors and using equipment such a hoops, balls, brushes, scooters, stepping stones  and wheelbarrows in our outdoor learning.

Our rhyme for this week will be 'The Grand Old Duke of York' and we shall be following an outdoor theme - 'Out for a Walk.' We shall be linking maths, the world and expressive arts and design to notice shapes and patterns around us and we shall collect items from nature to print with.

In literacy we shall share stories, mark-make using chalks  and practice our name writing this week.

We have lots to look forward to this week, let's hope the rain stops!

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


Week beginning 28th September 

Hello everyone

At pre-school, we have all seen some great learning taking place this week. 

In the area of maths we were matching numerals with quantities of objects in a variety of ways.

In our expressive arts and design area we saw some super exploration with how to change and mix different colours, as well as some fantastic portrait painting.

To promote the characteristics needed for successful learning we provided messy play investigation activities this week - everyone enjoyed using their senses to feel how the texture of our foam changed when we added water and how it looked different when we added new colours to it. This promoted thinking skills and a sense of wonder, which was great to see.

The children also extended their knowledge of the world around them when looking for bugs in the mud kitchen - we saw some great team work too! Well done everyone.

This week our theme is 'When I was a Baby' and we have lots of exciting activities planned which involve making collages, baby animals, dinosaur eggs, miming and matching activities.

Our focus rhyme this week is 'Rock-a-bye-Baby' and we shall continue to promote speech and language skills in a variety of ways.

Have a good weekend and see you all soon for another week of learning together.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning Monday 21st September 

It is so great to see the children settling back into routine and exploring our learning environment - as you can see from our pictures, the children already have a fantastic attitude towards learning, with great focus; well done everyone.

This week at pre-school, we have also been talking about what makes us special and different in relation to others. We have created pictures of ourselves, which showed us that we have the same/different coloured hair, eyes and clothes as our friends.

During the coming week, we shall be telling our friends what our favourite things are; thinking about what we like to do, what we like to play, our favourite toys, food and places. We will also be talking about the people we do those things with. Please remember to bring in a photo to show what your favourite things are.

We had some great autumn weather this week so we spent lots of time in our outside area. It was very exciting to visit the forest school area too! We loved exploring the woodland surroundings and describing what we found.

We shall be spending as much time as possible outside, so please do not forget to bring named wellies and a coat each day.

If your child requires nappies, please bring them in a named bag, which can be left at pre-school.

Please remember to keep checking Tapestry for updates on your child and if you have any queries do talk to a member of staff.

We are all looking forward to another week of fun!

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Welcome Back! 

Hello to you all

It was lovely welcoming the children back after being away for so long.

This week we have been allowing them to settle back into the preschool routine and exploring the new layout.

We have spent most of the time outside making soup in the mud kitchen and setting up a obstacle course.

Indoors the children have written their names for their pegs and done lots of painting.

Next week we are hoping to use Forest school to collect some items for our nature table. (Please bring overalls or a all in one with you if you have one to protect clothes from getting muddy)

We are also going to be painting pictures of ourselves for a new display.

We are all so happy to see your smiling, happy faces again and are looking forward to lots of fun learning activities over this half term when our main focus will be on PSED activities and communication and language development.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


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We break up for half term on Friday 23rd October. The children return on Tuesday 3rd November.

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