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Week ending 14.1.22 

Happy New Year.

The children have loved joining in with this weeks story time of The three little pigs.

They have made collages of the story discussing the materials used to make the houses and sequenced the pictures, retelling the story in their own words.

Outside the "Smelly table" has been very popular with the children first smelling things like Lemon, Stair anise and cloves and trying to guess the smells and describing them and then taking the lids off to look at and feel.

We have lots of achievements on our WOW wall to celebrate with the children.  If your child attends a club or has learnt anything from riding their bikes to putting their shoes on please share this with us so we can celebrate their achievements together.

A newsletter has gone out this week but it is also below if you have lost your copy.

Have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.

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week ending 17.12.21 

A very Merry Christmas

The staff would like to say a huge thank you to all for the present and cards and wish every one a Very Merry Christmas.

The children finished the term making some table displays and Christmas decoration.

We look forward to seeing you back on the Tuesday 4th January 2022!


Week ending 10th Dec 2021 

Glitter fest!

The glitter fest continues, tis that time of year!  The children have all been very busy making Christmas decorations and pictures and making Mince pies this week.


After we had a particularly heavy hail shower the children and I were playing with the bricks and decided to make animal shelters.

We discussed how to keep them warm and out of the storm.  We decided that they would probably need walls and a roof and set to work.

The children all made amazing constructions and put a lot of thought in to how to keep the animals warm and dry.

Last week of term next week.  Please don't forget that we are closed from 12 on Wednesday afternoon and also that we  will have a party for the children on Friday morning at 11am.  All are welcome to attend but we do ask that parents wear masks once in the school building.

Sam, Louise, Anna and I would like to say thank you for all the lovely cards and thank you presents we have received and for all the effort to get the children to make their marks or write their names in their cards, we know this is hard work and we really appreciate it.

The countdown to Christmas continues!


week ending 26.11.21 

Snow and Ice

It has been very interesting letting the children explore the ice.  Finding out if they can predict what will happen to the ice and then trying different things to make it melt.  They have had great fun.

As you can see from our display pictures we have a varied and colourful gang on snowmen on our display board now.  But as always it has been a good opportunity to discuss shape and to order the circles by size.

Scarily even though its still November its beginning to look a bit Christmassy at Pre-school.

Baking and Forest school.

We have also made cakes and decorated them.  It is clear a lot of the children do baking at home as they were very adept at mixing and spooning into cases.  As well as telling me which ingredients we needed.  The Pre-school has smelt lovely and the cakes looked wonderful.

At forest school we played hide and seek again (a current favourite) and made a  den.  One little chap rescued a snail that was on the sticks and carefully put him in the vegetable beds!

On Thursday the children had their portrait photos taken and if your child attended we will get a proof copy for you to look at very soon and then you will need to go on line to order. More info. coming soon.

Next week we're really taking the plunge and will be looking at Christmas Stories and learning some Christmas songs.

Looking forward to another busy week, have a brilliant weekend
from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna 


Week ending 19th Nov 2021 


Celebrations has focussed mainly on Birthdays this week.  We have ready various birthday books like Kippers Birthday and Alfie and the Birthday Surprise.  We made Birthday cakes and the children told us about their Birthdays including when they were and how old they were.  They counted out the correct amount of candles  and stuck them on once they had coloured and cut out their cakes.

We even had a Birthday boy at Preschool this week so we could sing happy birthday and he was kind enough to bring in some birthday cakes for snack time.  Yum.

Once we had finished cakes we made more cakes with the playdough counted out more candles then blew out the flames and made wishes.

At forest school this week one of the children wanted to weave grasses through the new fence and the others soon all wanted to join in.  We used grasses, hazel, willow and then decorated with leaves.

Afterwards we played hide and seek and every one had a turn at counting and hiding.

As you all know we have Covid in the school but we are pleased to say not the Preschool as yet.  We would like to reassure you that we are washing hands and wiping hot spots as necessary.

We would also like to thank you in helping us stay safe by following the sensible rules of mask on at drop off and pick up.  Remember if your child has Covid symptoms, including a temperature, then please keep them off and only bring them back once they have negative test results.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and be ready for the season of glitter to start next week!

All the Best

Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


weekend 12.11.21 


Many of the children could tell us about watching fireworks at the weekend.  Some told us about "Dads and Grandad lighting them in the garden" for them.  Some said of being woken by "big bangs."  
But the all enjoyed making them both with paint and chalks and colouring them.

We have been looking at shapes all week.  Whether it be arranging them and making "Funny train tracks" or using them to make spaces rockets.  We also went on shape hunts outside and enjoyed finding the shapes of objects in the playground.  This is a game that is easy to play at home or when out on a walk, it's amazing what the children will find once they get the idea.


On Thursday at 11am we watched a short video which showed sad bunnies in a muddy field (trenches) and then happy bunnies when the sun came out and the Poppies grew.  This little video is available if you search for cbeebies poppy video.

Then the children made some poppies.  We still have Poppies to purchase in the lobby at Pre-school.

Next week we are looking at Celebrations and if the children could bring in any pictures of their Birthday or other family celebrations that would be fantastic.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

From Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


Week Ending 5th November 2021 


The children have enjoyed making their bonfire display this week.  It involved lots of different skills like cutting, ripping and gluing and then printing with their hands.  

The older children added numbered flames and wrote their names.

The children have also loved being back at Pre-school and playing with their friends.  The train track was a big hit and the children worked well together to make the track.

We also looked at patterns and tried to recreate them.  These were quite tricky but we were surprised by how many children could perservere and match the patterns with the number blocks.  Amazing work.

Next week we will be very busy talking about fireworks and remembering what they looked and sounded like.  Also it is Poppy day they weekend after and you can buy your poppies in the foyer.

Some of your children will maybe have told you that we have a new member of staff work with us now.  Our new lady is called Anna and she is looking forward to playing with the children and getting to know  you all.

A newsletter has gone out this week.  Please make sure you've had your copy, otherwise I will attach it below,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend from...

Emma, Sam, Lousie and Anna.

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week ending 22nd Oct 2021 

Last Week of Term

It has been a very hectic week and as usual many of the children were flagging at the end of a long term, for some of them their first ever.  But it has also been a fun week! 

The children have loved having the dressing up out again and we have been very impressed with some of the children independent dressing skills.

We have of course been making lots of Halloween decorations for the children to bring home and this has given us lots of opportunity to do painting, sticking and cutting.  All good fine motor practise.

We have even made some amazing clay tiles which the children decorated with patterns made by nature.  These have still to dry and then be painted so should come home next half term.

We even managed to see Sam at the end of the week, who was feeling a little better.  Isaac was so delighted to see her that he painted this amazing picture of her.

We are sorry that the portrait photos were cancelled again.  I have been informed that they will definitely be taking place on Thursday the 25th November and that they will be sent back in time for Christmas.  As before if your child does not attend on this day but you'd like their picture taken please bring them along at 9.30 to Preschool.

Well, I think we are all ready for a well earned rest, I hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you when we return on the Tuesday 2nd November.

Have a spooky half term! 
From Emma, Sam and Louise.


Week ending 15th October 

Drawing Faces

Our face display is looking amazing.  Not only are some of these children's first attempts at drawing faces, which is very special, many of them have got the hang of making them happy or sad faces.  This in turn give the children chance to talk about their feelings.  The children love drawing faces now so we will continue but if any children want to bring in pictures of faces from home they can be added to the display.

Carving Pumpkins

Thanks to the lovely donation of pumpkins from school we have been able to carve our own pumpkin.  It was very "sticky" and "slimey" so the kids loved it!

Snack time Lantern

The children enjoyed having the pumpkin as a lantern for snack time.

Harvest Festival at Church

We had a wonderful visit to the church to see Reverend Richard who read us the story of the loaves and the fishes, with real bread and fishes!  It was lovely when he explain about all the people and only 5 rolls and 2 fishes one of the children shouted "he has to share!" I was so proud of all the children who behaved so well and really enjoyed themselves.

Unfortunately we will not be able to have our woodlands walk next week so it will be Thursday as usual.

Have a lovely weekend and all the best from Emma, Sam and Louise


Week Commencing 4th October 

This weeks make table...

The children have absolutely loved our make table this week as it has been playdough.  We haven't had a chance to play with this for a while and the children have loved using the tools to roll, cut out and just make patterns.  Also some of the children were showing me that they could use their hands to make "worms" and "footballs".

In case you haven’t seen we raised £27 with the Bags2School collection, this is the start of our climbing frame fund raise.  Lets hope that ‘from little acorns grow ………..’

On Friday 15th October we are pleased to announce that we will be able to have a visit to the church to celebrate Harvest Festival.  If your child is attending this day could they please bring a small donation of fruit or veg for the church collection.   We will take the donations over and have a short story with Revered Richard.

There was a mix up with the Portrait Photos and they will now be taken on the Tuesday the 19th October over at the school.  If your child does not attend Pre-school on this day but you would like their picture taken please talk to a member of staff.

Our Forest school visits have been confirmed as Tuesday PM and Friday AM if your child attends on these days please make sure your child has a pair of wellies and waterproofs available.  We also use the school field for a run about on Wednesday AM and again waterproofs and wellies are invaluable.

We will end the term with a parent attendance walk around Deerpark Forest on the Thursday 21st of October.  We will need parents to accompany us on this walk and all are welcome to join us.   If you are able to offer a lift to another parent and child please let us know. We will meet at top car park (first on the right) at 9.45 and will return to pre-school for 12pm for the afternoon session.

Our last day of this half term will be Friday 22 October.  We will return to Preschool on Tuesday 2nd November for the last half of Autumn Term.


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