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Week ending 22nd January 2021 

Our topic this week at Preschool has been 'All About Pets' The children have taken part in discussions about different pets, making junk model dogs and turn taking games.

What Pets do we have?

On Thursday the children talked about which different kind of pets they have. The children then made a chart to see which pet was the most popular. It turned out that between us small dogs were the most popular. 

This was a great maths activity and also got the children to find out similarities and difference too. Once finished the older children could tell us which pet had the most and which pet we all had the least of. The children counted the different squares and wrote the correct number above them. At the end of the activity Eddie said "that was really fun!"


The older children have now started to learn rhyming. We have been reading basic rhyming books and throughout the day the adults have been saying some rhyming pairs to see if the children can notice them.  This activity can be done at home too. It just gets the children to recognise different rhyming words and to see if they can think of their own.

Listening and turn taking games

We've also used this week to play some listening and turn taking games. The Animal Sound Lotto has been very popular, the children had to listen to the different animal sounds on the CD and find the matching animal on their boards. It was lovely seeing the children work together and helping each other with the sounds.
The Pets matching game was another popular one, this was great for turn taking. The children had to find two animal cards which were the same. Afterwards the children practiced their maths by counting how many cards they had to see who had the most. 
Turn taking games are a great activity to do at home too, this helps the child to learn about sharing, waiting their turn and communication skills. 

Have a great weekend.
Sam, Emma, Charlotte and Louise

Learning at home

Douglas has been busy at home practising his writing. Douglas is now copying his name by himself and forming some great letters. He has also completed pencil control worksheets and made a junk model boat and man whilst his sister was doing her school work. Well done!

Next week we are talking about 'Our Homes'. Some home learning ideas for this topic include:
  • Make a house picture out of different shaped paper. Talk about the shape of the windows, doors etc.
  • Go on a walk or out in your garden. Talk about the different natural objects you can find. The children could also use them to make collages with.
  • Talk about the different types of homes people live in. Eg Flat, bungalow, caravan etc
Please remember to put on Tapestry or email photos of what your child has been up to. Thank you.


Week ending 15th January 

Looking at colours.

The boys had wonderful fun talking about the different coloured objects, looking in the boxes and telling us what they found.  Then they enjoyed sorting the objects by colour back into the correct boxes.  This is a game you could easily play at home, if you don't have any boxes you could use bowls or even pieces of paper with some colour on.  Then you can discuss the different things the children find around the home, please send us some pictures of your collections.

more colours...….

Then we discussed other things that were red and printed some pictures off the computer for the children to colour.  What can you find to draw?

Water and bubbles.

Always lots of fun and easy to provide, water and bubbles!  A fantastic learning and sharing opportunity.  We used lots of maths language to describe the play.  "Is it full? now its half way. Oh dear its empty again."

Pictures from home.

Its lovely to see Henry and Alice playing their Penguin game at home.  Turn taking games are fantastic even if you have to take turns with mum and dad.


Week ending 8th January 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year, we hope you have enjoyed the festive break with your family.  We just wanted to let you know what will be happening over this period of lock down.   Pre-school is open and we have spoken to all our families about the return. For those children who have chosen not to come in a the moment we want to make sure we keep in touch. 

·      We want you to know that you can contact us via our emails as above and on your child’s tapestry account, the school secretary telephone number is also manned during school hours 8.30-3.30pm. 

·        You have record of your child’s last Termly Summary showing their next steps BE white - Copy Lanliveryon Tapestry. If you would like to do any activities to practise these next steps and put pictures or feed-back on Tapestry that would be brilliant.

·        We will also organise some activity packs to help your child continue to develop and engage with us at Preschool. These can be emailed or printed out for you.

·        We also have the Pelynt Preschool Blog at where we have pictures of what the children have been up to.

·        Starting on Monday 11 January, each week day on CBBC will see a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9am, including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other educational programming such as Our School and Celebrity Supply Teacher and much loved titles such as Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch.

We will regularly keep in contact with you to see if there is any-thing we can do to support you with your child’s development.  Please let us know your preferred way to contact you.

Regards from Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.


Week ending 18th December 2020 


We have had a great week of learning for the last week of term. Everything has been all about Christmas and as you can see by the smiles and concentration on the little faces in these pictures, everyone enjoyed some great learning experiences.

On Wednesday we even had a socially distanced visit from Santa, complete with one of his elves. Miss Edwards brought them to see us from outside and he delivered us each a gift. Thank you Santa!

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday 5th January (Mon 4th is an INSET day).

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte

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Week beginning 14th December 2020 

This week at pre-school, we have continued with our wintry, snowy theme by linking it to Christmas; we have read some lovely Christmas stories and made lots of Christmas decorations.

In the area of Expressive  Art and Design the children have made mince pies and also loved making a mess to create hand and footprint reindeer pictures!

Everyone was also very creative with our Mechano construction and some children independently made shapes and even a car. Such great fine motor skills, well done children.

We also made number Christmas trees and we also enjoyed using our imaginations to play in our role play Christmas shop.

This coming week we shall be planning and preparing for our Christmas party by playing games, making party hats, chocolate crispy cakes and sandwiches.

We shall also be singing our Christmas songs and rhymes and listening to more Christmas stories.

Have a good weekend.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning 7th December 2020 

We have had a 'snowy' week at pre-school this week; our timing couldn't have been better when the week actually ended with wintry showers!

The children made their own large-scale snowmen by painting cardboard boxes and using velcro to attach sticks and laminated paper parts. We even had to make them hats!

They also made snowflakes out of clay - they all enjoyed using a different malleable material and watching how the clay changed from a soft to a hard material as it dried in the air before decorating them.
We also used different materials for junk modelling this week -  everyone enjoyed using kitchen roll tubes to make their own little snowmen decorations by adding paint and other junk for the snowman features. 

To encourage the use of new vocabulary and story language, we used  the Duplo snow animals small world which the children have enjoyed making up different scenes and narratives with.

We are now looking forward to becoming more Christmassy over the next two weeks and shall be playing Christmas games, learning Christmas songs and repeating rhymes and rhythms as well as making mince pies and undertaking lots of Christmas art activities.

Have a great weekend.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning 30th November 2020 

This week our learning has been all about shapes.

The children have been recognising, describing and naming 2D shapes and have been very creative with shapes in their learning through play.

They made independent rocket pictures, cutting out their own different shapes and then they finger painted stars around them to decorate. Great fine motor skills.

Some of the older children have been looking at shapes in more detail, observing and commenting on which shapes they can see in a picture and copying it.
We even had tessellation happening during the investigation and a hexagon was recognised. Great shape work.

It was fantastic to see that some children challenged themselves to make their own pictures. We had a worm, an aeroplane and even a bow tie made from 2D shapes!

This coming week we shall be starting our learning based around Christmas and will focus on some lovely seasonal stories all about snow; our activities will involve snowy habitats, animals, snowmen and snowflakes.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte.

Please note that our Christmas post box for cards will be at the school entrance gate, as mentioned in the recent letter from Miss Edwards. Any queries, please ask.


Week beginning 23rd November 2020 

As you can see from our photographs, we have had a creative week at pre-school!

The children enjoyed talking about 'special days' and learning how such days are celebrated. They created some super pictures, collages and representations and it was fantastic to see such focus and 'have a go' attitude from our young learners.

We have been delighted to see that our new children have settled into our routines beautifully and as well as our craft activities, everyone also worked hard on their fine motor skills through pencil control.

Douglas took charge of his own learning and even went into car manufacturing this week, when he built a car which even had peddles, a horn and lights! His determination to complete the task he set himself was super and he was rightly proud of the result of his labours.

During the coming week our phonics and communication and language focus will be to listen to and repeat rhymes and rhythms, using claps and musical instruments; we shall also be noticing and discussing similarities and differences.

In maths we will be noticing and creating shapes and patterns - please talk about any shapes or patterns you notice at home with your child and if possible send in pictures, thank you.

We hope you all have a good week-end,

Best wishes

Em, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning 16th November 2020 

Last week at pre-school our learning was all about different celebrations.

Due to Coronovirus we are not able to have a malleable table where play dough is freely available so the children enjoyed making their own pots of dough which they can create with. As you can see, this involved following instructions and measuring out the correct quantities of ingredients in order to do so.

On Remembrance Day the children made Poppies and we joined with the rest of the school to hold a minute's silence at a social distance. We all stood respectfully in our outdoor area while the rest of the school stayed in their class bubbles on the field. we used our listening skills for eleven chimes of the church clock and the grown-ups were very impressed with how still we stood - well done everyone. 

On Friday, we took part in the school day to raise funds for Children in need and we took part in some Pudsey activities, which included mask making.

Another celebration we discussed was a birthday and Sienna made a beautiful birthday cake with  the stickle bricks .

This week our learning will be about more special days and we shall be continuing our focus on communication and language with learning and singing lots of nursery rhymes; if you get the chance, please do sing songs and rhymes with your children at home, they are so good to aid development of your child's language skills.

With best wishes from Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


Week beginning 9th November 2020 

Welcome back to the new half term everyone, it was great to see your happy faces back at pre-school last week; we also welcomed some new friends, which was super.  

Our focus for learning was about Remembrance Day and Bonfire Night.

As you can see, the children have enjoyed creating collage poppies and they practiced their design skills when making rocket fireworks.

We also created firework splatter pictures and talked about firework and bonfire safety.

For the area of physical development we used firework pencil control and Lego construction - so good for developing fine motor skills.

This coming week our theme is 'Light up the Sky' and we shall be learning about the festival of Diwali; we have lots of exciting learning experiences planned which include, art, music and baking activities linked to Diwali.

We are looking forward to another fun-filled week.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Emma, Sam, Louise and Charlotte


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