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Week Ending 17th Sept 

First Week Back!

A big welcome back to everyone after our Summer Break, especially our new children and parents/carers who will be starting over this half term.

We had a very busy week but what the children enjoyed most was just being back with each other and making the most of the sun shine.

They loved playing with the shaving foam, both making patterns on the new sensory table and clapping to make it "snow."

Staying on the bubble theme we experimented to find different ways of making bubbles and some children tried using the boom wackers to great effect.

The Children have also been fantastic getting back into mat time routines and group times like story time.

You should all have had a Newsletter by the end of the week, if you have been missed please ask a member of staff and please let us know if you would rather continue to receive this as paper copy or via email. Thanks.

Looking forward to another busy week next week.

All the best Emma, Sam and Louise.


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