Special Educational Needs

Disability and Special Educational Needs (DSEN)
•         Mrs Hannah Prinn is our disability and special educational needs coordinator (DSENco)
•         Mrs Sheila Morrell-Davies is our DSEN governor

All children are welcome in Pelynt Academy, including those with additional educational needs, and we strive to include every child in all aspects of school life.

We aim to identify children who may have additional needs as early as possible. We do this as part of everyday classroom practice as well as by carefully monitoring the results of assessments and by meeting regularly with parents. Teachers and teaching assistants receive regular training to keep their knowledge of special educational needs up to date.

Our DSENCo works with the class teachers and teaching assistants to ensure that children with additional needs are able to learn in a way that benefits them best. Support can include:
•         Additional in-class support
•         Flexible groupings, including small group work
•         Access to specific resources
•         Access to outside agencies

Outside agencies who help us deliver high quality support for our children include:
•         Speech and Language Therapy
•         Educational Psychology
•         Cognition and Learning Service
•         School Nurse
•         Family Workers

If you wish to discuss your child's learning support, your child’s teacher is the first point of call. If you need further help, please contact our DSENCo via the school office on 01503 220262.

Below are some links you may find useful.

Our SEN Policy outlines the policies and procedures we work by.

Our School Offer is an overview of the provision and support available for children with special educational needs, including those with an Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of SEN.

Our DSEN Report gives information about special educational needs in our school in the previous academic year.

Cornwall SENDIASS is an organisation which can support parents with SEN matters. Information can be found on their website:


View the following documents within your web browser or download to read later

Pelynt Annual Report for DSEN 2020-2021.pdf
Pelynt Annual Report for DSEN 2020-2021.pdf
PELYNT DSEN Policy 2021-2022.pdf
PELYNT DSEN Policy 2021-2022.pdf



Pelynt School Offer for SEND 2021-2022.pdf
Pelynt School Offer for SEND 2021-2022.pdf


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