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Trenode C of E School   National Sports Week

Posted 25/06/2022
by Bethany Pike

We have had a busy week all about sport linking to National Sports Week.

We have taken part in the Bridge Schools virtual school games where we have completed 5 activities throughout the week and all results will be collated and compared to the other 14 schools in the trust! We achieved some amazing scores so we will keep our fingers crossed!

We also had a day of alternative sports and completed: archery, boccia, capture the flag, lacrosse and fencing. The children loved learning sports they haven't played before and look out for a couple of them during sports day!

Finally, we visited Looe Primary to be taught by a Pro20 coach who did a variety of multi-skill activities. We were very tired by the end of the week but it was fantastic to be so physically active!


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 25/06/2022
by Janet Keat

Everyone’s a winner…!

Sports Day:

Year 2 can be very proud of their brilliant participation in Sports Day.  Everyone took part enthusiastically, encouraging and cheering on their team mates and trying their best.  There were lots of skills involved in the different events from throwing to jumping and running to balancing. 

A very well done to everyone who took part.  You were amazing and we are very proud of your sportsmanship!


Our class story this week is ‘The Secret of Black Rock’.  We began our Learning Journey by looking at the front cover and using our VIPERS skills to make predictions about the picture. 

There were many different but sensible suggestions about the plot and who the character might be.  We decided that it looked like an exciting adventure story but was the rock a good or bad place to visit?  We had to wait until later in the week when we finally read the story.  Ask your child to summarise the story and find out what happened in the end!


This week, we learnt about statistics and how to gather and interpret different kinds of data.  We started by using a tally chart and explored the reasons for its use.  Then, we moved on to look at how to use a pictogram. We solved lots of different types of problems involving missing data.

Some of you wanted to practise your times tables using BBC Super Movers.  We have included the link below.  It’s free and fun – why not try it at home.

WOW Day!

Our topic on Cornwall has been a fascinating subject to learn about and to bring it to a close, we will celebrate by putting on a WOW Day on Tuesday, 19th July.  We are asking the children to come dressed as a Cornish character, eg. tin miner, farmer, an inventor - Goldsworthy Gurney, Richard Trevithick or come in Cornish colours – black, white, gold. You may also have your own idea.

Thank you for supporting our topic Wow! Days so brilliantly.  We will look forward to seeing what the children choose to dress in.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team






Pelynt Primary Academy  

Posted 25/06/2022
by Suzanne Porter

Class 4's Residential 2022

What an exciting and busy few days away we have had! I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures together. The children were an absolute pleasure- even with minimal sleep on the first night! They challenged themselves with many new experiences and made lots of fabulous memories with their friends. 


Pelynt Primary Academy   Week ending Friday 24th June 2022

Posted 25/06/2022
by Rebecca Horn

Hello everyone

Whilst I have been away with Class 4 on their residential trip I have been hearing about all of the wonderful learning taking place in our class. Below is an overview from Miss Martin about some of our learning this week. 

This week saw the launch of the 'Bridge School Games'. Our class, and Pelynt as a school were competing against all the other classes in all of the other Bridge schools. There were five events in total. There was a seated throw, a standing long jump, a bean-bag boogie, shuttle shuffles and the speed bounce. A big thanks to Mr O'Dwyer from Wadebridge school for organising the games. 

During our English learning this week we have summarised the opening of the story 'Matilda', explored the feelings of the characters, described and compared two characters and identified the features of play scripts. 

In science we were exploring state changes and carried out our own investigation to find out at which temperature chocolate begins to melt. We had lots of fun planning, carrying out and concluding our investigation where we further developed our understanding about particles in solids and liquids. 

In PE we enjoyed having a go at archery, some of us were accurate with our aims and hit the target board. 

Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Horn and the Class 3 team

Things to note for next week:

*Sports Day on Wednesday - see Head's blog for more information - parents can arrive at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start. PLEASE make sure ALL children have their PE kit in school on this day and bring sun cream, a hat and a refillable water bottle. 
*Outdoor learning and PE on Thursday afternoon - wear suitable clothes.


Delaware Primary Academy  

Posted 25/06/2022
by Michaela Wright

WB 20th June

In Literacy this week we continued work on our new class book "Was Tutankhamun killed?" which connects to our topic learning on Ancient Egypt. This is an interactive non-fiction e-book which allows the children to take on a detective type role and encourages them to gather facts and research to help them answer the question 'Was Tutankhamun killed?' This week we also looked at the newspaper report from last week that had been written about Tutankhamun's potential murder. The children worked in groups to recap and freeze frame given parts of the article and the rest of the class guessed which parts they had been given. They then summarised the article into different boxes to help plan for next week when they will re-write the article in their own words. 

In Maths we continued our work on multiplication and the children completed lots of different activities to help them practice their recall speed. We also started our time topic with lots of practical work which saw the children using clocks to find and show given times. 

In Topic the children began looking at different artefacts from Ancient Egypt and filled in a fact sheet about a given artefact. They used information books and researched on websites after thinking about what the artefact may have been and what it may have been used for along with who may have owned it.

In Art the children created their sunset silhouette paintings. They first painted their sunsets and then used black paper to draw and cut out silhouettes of significant Egyptian monuments. Once their paintings were dry they arranged and stuck the silhouettes on.      

On Tuesday afternoon the children took part in the Bridge School Games. They completed several different activities such as the 'bean bag boogie', 'long jump' and the 'seated bean bag throw'. All of their results were then sent to the Bridge Trust and the school with the highest scores will be announced soon!

They had a fantastic afternoon. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing the children on Monday morning.


St Cleer Primary Academy   Bridge School Games

Posted 25/06/2022
by Thomas Hazlewood

Bridge School Games

This week saw the launch of the 'Bridge School Games'.  Our class, and St Cleer as a school were competing against all the other classes in all of the other Bridge schools.

We set up the entire field with the activities.  There was a seated throw, a standing long jump, a bean-bag boogie, shuttle shuffles and the killer the speed bounce (it was so tiring).  We had a great time trying to beat our personal best on each of the different activities - but we did choose the hottest day of the year so we made sure we had rest stations and plenty of water.

A big thanks to Mr O'Dwyer for organising the games - we look forward to seeing how we did against the other schools.


Polperro Primary Academy   Friday 24th June

Posted 25/06/2022
by Anthea Hillman

This has been such a busy week. It was great to see so many of you at the School’s festival day on Tuesday. We are very proud of the way the children performed and have been delighted with your kind feedback about the children’s wonderful performances. Thank you.

We had even more excitement yesterday with a visit from the Squashbox Theatre Company, kindly funded by the Polperro Arts Foundation. After a performance ‘Tales from the Trees’ which had the children (and staff) in stitches, Landaviddy Class and Penhallow enjoyed puppet-making workshops.

In addition to swimming lessons, the children have enjoyed participating in the first ever Bridge Schools Games all week. They have also had art lessons from Sean Hewitt in preparation for creating a school mural.

Parent Questionnaire The parent questionnaire is open now and will close in a fortnight at 4pm on Friday 8th July and we would love to have your views as we value your input. Please click on this link to complete it: 
Bridge Schools Trust Summer 2022 Parent and Carer Survey

Sports Day This will be held on Monday 4th July, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00. Please ensure your child has their kit in from now on as they will be practicing their races as part of their PE curriculum.

Parent Support Group Please find attached information regarding a Virtual/On-line Support Group which provides friendly support and advice regarding challenging behaviours. If you would like to be able to talk in confidence and meet other parents/carers experiencing similar challenges, you are invited to come along. The group is run by Together for Families, Cornwall Council

Clubs There will be no Running Club on Tuesday 28th June. Clubs will continue for the next 3 weeks. There will be no clubs during the last week of term (week commencing 18th July).

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Hillman


Polperro Primary Academy   Friday 24th June 2022

Posted 24/06/2022
by Alice Gibbings

We have had such a busy week in Landaviddy! On Tuesday, we thoroughly enjoyed performing at the Polperro Festival. We were so proud of all the hard work you put into making your performance amazing! Well done Landaviddy!

Yesterday, we had a very special visit from Squashbox Theatre, who performed a wonderful puppet show. All the children were blown away by the performance. We were then very lucky to have a workshop in the afternoon, where we made our own shadow puppets.

This week, we have also launched our brand new Enquiry for this half term 'Could You Be an Explorer?'. We came up with loads of fantastic questions such as 'How many things can be explored at once?', 'Who was the first person to explore the rainforest?' and 'Are birds the only species with feathers?'...We can't wait to explore more!

Congratulations to Noah and Max for achieving their 99 club badge this week. This is a fantastic achievement - 99 arithmetic questions in 10 minutes! Also a big well done to Kora, Nuala and Sienna who are Landaviddy's People of the Week.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Robinson and Mr H


Polperro Primary Academy  

Posted 24/06/2022
by Emily Randle

Fabulous week!

It has been a wonderful week in Talland. First, we performed at Polperro Festival and we were so proud of ourselves!  Our dance came together perfectly and Ollie, Jowan and Rosie Grace were awesome, playing their instruments! The parents were amazing too and we rate this our best festival yet. Roll on next year!!

Then, Squash Box theatre came to perform on Thursday. Craig was incredible and had pupils and staff rolling around with laughter. He had many points to make about how we need to care for our planet but the overall moral was to believe in yourself that you can achieve anything that you ant to - a value that we instil everyday at Polperro!

We all took part in the Bridge School Games as part of the national Primary School Sport Week. We thoroughly enjoyed the events: Speed Bounce, Seated Throw, Bean Bag Boogie and much more. 

Sean wrapped up the week with another fab art lesson. Today we were challenging our brains by creating an upside down image!! Rosie May really got stuck in (as did all of Talland) and some amazing work has been produced. Watch this space for more...

Next week comprises of more Statistics in Maths, Narrative writing in English and practising for our upcoming Sports DAy on July 4th.

Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Miss Randle, Mr Bishop and Mrs  Evered.


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Friday 24 June

Posted 24/06/2022
by Caroline Lucock

And there I was thinking that last week was busy… 

This week we have had the Year 6 Activity Week – where our wonderful Year 6s experienced ‘Hangloose’ at The Eden Project, Big Dunk’s Laser Tag, Flambards, Camel Creek, a camp out AND a Sports Day. Phew. They *should* sleep well tonight.  I can also confirm that the hoodies have indeed been worn all week (despite the warm weather). 

We have also had lots of other events and things happening – Year 5 and Year R have had some bikeability sessions (more next week for Year 5), Year 4 gave us a marvellous assembly on Minibeasts (I LOVED the ‘Bee and Me’ story – if you have not seen, please do Google it; it is on You Tube and is by Alison Jay) and had a wonderful Minibeast day with a real live minibeast expert. We have had three out of our four Sports Days and they went REALLY well. A massive well done to all who took part and to all of the support that you have given us as families. Well done too to all those who took part in the parents and carers races – my goodness you are a speedy and competitive group! Sorry for the bike track rocks at the end – we will start the other way next year :/. We are so grateful for all of the hard work that Mr O’Dwyer put in to make the sports days run as smoothly as they did – hurrah for things going like clockwork! All we need to do now is keep our fingers crossed that we did well enough to be up there for podium places in the Bridge Schools Games – come on Wadebridge!! Nursery did their Big Toddle and they were also fantastic – they made good use of both the Mountain Bike Track and the Athletics track  

We have also been told this week that the Year Five Swim Safe Team also got through to the Cornwall County finals – this is fantastic news and we are so proud of all those who took part. The competition for both teams is next Friday (1 July) and we wish you the best of luck!

Shining Stars
Shining Stars this week will be for progress in Sport – we are doing our Shining Stars assembly for this week on this coming Monday as we had so much on today. This means that there will be two lots of Shining Stars to report next week – hurrah for Shining Stars!

FOWPA Summer Fair
Please keep Saturday 16 July free as it is the FOWPA Summer Fair. Thank you to all of those who designed covers for the programme – we are in the process of choosing a winner but there are some really fantastic entries. 

Don’t forget that there will be a Talent Show at the Summer Fair too! A letter will be coming out with all of the details but here they are again, just in case: 
Summer Fair Talent Show
Does your child have a talent they would like to show us at the Summer Fair on Saturday 16th July, either on their own or with their friends? 
Martial Arts
Poetry Reading
Telling a Joke
We would love to have as many of the WPA Pupils as possible showing off their talents.
A letter will be sent home next week for you to give us your consent for them to take part.  We will then send out a timetable of when the children will be showcasing their talent!

Coming up
Week of Monday 27 June Year 5 Bikeability (please see specific letters which give dates) 
Wednesday 29 June 5W Class Assembly – parents welcome – 0900


Week of 4 July                      Year 6                     Secondary School Transition Week
Tuesday 5 July Year 1         Year Group Assembly – Parents welcome - 0900
Wednesday 6 July 5B                 Class assembly – Parents welcome - 0900
Wednesday 6 July Nursery                 Sports Day – 0900 start
Week of 11 July                    Whole School    Art and Creative Week 
Tuesday 12 July         Year R         Year Group Assembly – 1400 start - Parents welcome
Wednesday 13 July             Years R – 5          Transition to new classrooms
Friday 15 July                  Whole School    Reports Home to parents
Saturday 16 July                  Whole School FOWPA Summer Fayre
Tuesday 19 July                   Year 6              End of School Play to parents 0930 and 1800 
Wednesday 20 July            Nursery            Pirate Party 
Wednesday 20 July             Whole School Julie Jubilee Party (to celebrate Mrs Berridge’s retirement) 
(more details to follow)
Thursday 21 July                 Year 6              End of Primary School Prom
Friday 22 July                       Whole School END OF TERM – EARLY FINISH. KS1 and EYFS 1245. KS2 1300.

Two points to note 
1)If your children cycle, scoot or skateboard to school, please make sure that they have a helmet. It is really important that they also keep safe on the pavements where possible.

2)A message from PCSO Pete Sobye: If your child walks home, please remind your children to keep a close eye out for any strangers and to tell you if they see anything out of the ordinary. If they tell you of anything strange, please report it to the police. 

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Fingers crossed that the weather miraculously improves for the weekend. 

Kindest regards
Ms Whitlock


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