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Class 4  

Posted 25/06/2022
by Suzanne Porter

Class 4's Residential 2022

What an exciting and busy few days away we have had! I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures together. The children were an absolute pleasure- even with minimal sleep on the first night! They challenged themselves with many new experiences and made lots of fabulous memories with their friends. 


Class 3   Week ending Friday 24th June 2022

Posted 25/06/2022
by Rebecca Horn

Hello everyone

Whilst I have been away with Class 4 on their residential trip I have been hearing about all of the wonderful learning taking place in our class. Below is an overview from Miss Martin about some of our learning this week. 

This week saw the launch of the 'Bridge School Games'. Our class, and Pelynt as a school were competing against all the other classes in all of the other Bridge schools. There were five events in total. There was a seated throw, a standing long jump, a bean-bag boogie, shuttle shuffles and the speed bounce. A big thanks to Mr O'Dwyer from Wadebridge school for organising the games. 

During our English learning this week we have summarised the opening of the story 'Matilda', explored the feelings of the characters, described and compared two characters and identified the features of play scripts. 

In science we were exploring state changes and carried out our own investigation to find out at which temperature chocolate begins to melt. We had lots of fun planning, carrying out and concluding our investigation where we further developed our understanding about particles in solids and liquids. 

In PE we enjoyed having a go at archery, some of us were accurate with our aims and hit the target board. 

Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Horn and the Class 3 team

Things to note for next week:

*Sports Day on Wednesday - see Head's blog for more information - parents can arrive at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start. PLEASE make sure ALL children have their PE kit in school on this day and bring sun cream, a hat and a refillable water bottle. 
*Outdoor learning and PE on Thursday afternoon - wear suitable clothes.


Head's Blog   Summer Week 8

Posted 24/06/2022
by Emily Orme

Another week flies by! 

Bridge School Games / National Sports Week

We’ve had a great week taking part in the Bridge School Games. We started with an Opening ceremony in assembly on Monday. It was wonderful to see children and adults from other schools, each Head of School gave a good luck message and the Pelynt children gave a huge cheer when I appeared on the screen to wish them well! The children have taken part in 5 different activities over the course of the week and scores are being collated as we speak. News of the winning school will be announced next week…

Class 4 residential
Class 4 have had a wonderful week at Bideford Adventure Centre. Some of the activities have included: an obstacle course, The Big Sheep, high ropes, mountain boarding and Archery. Head over to the Class 4 blog to check out their photos.

School lunches

Thank you to those families who have been remembering to order their child’s school lunch on ParentPay each morning. There are still quite a few children who are coming into school and trying to order lunch when they arrive. Please could you ensure that the 8am cut off time is adhered to so that we can ensure our lunch order is correct. We also ask that you consult your child when ordering their lunch, so that they know what they are having. After next week, we will no longer be using dinner registers so your child will not be asked what would like to eat, we will be using ParentPay orders only. Please note that this is new routine for every child, even those who are in entitled to Free School Meals need to be pre-ordered on ParentPay. If anyone has any difficulty logging onto ParentPay, please contact the school office. We thank you for your support with this change in routine.

Parent questionnaire
It is at this time of year that we ask for parent feedback. Let us know how we are doing! Please copy and paste this link into your web browser. 

The questionnaire is open now and will close in a fortnight at 4pm on Friday 8th July.

Summer Fun afternoon: Thursday 7th July
Families are invited to join us for an afternoon of fun on the field. Children will have an opportunity to take part in the games and activities for the last half an hour of the day, supervised by their teachers, so please feel free to send your child to school with some spending money on that day. Most of the stalls will cost 20p per go. At the end of the school day, parents and families will be invited in to take part and browse the stalls. These will include: bake sale, raffle, second hand books/dvds, second hand uniform and may other games for the children to have fun with. Pop along and have a look!

All funds raised by this event will be spent on buying resources for the school, in particular some new play equipment for break times. In order to raise money, we request your help with some donations! If you have any of the following items that you can donate to this worthy cause, please drop them into the school office:

• pre-loved books/dvds/games/toys
• pre-own school uniform
• raffle prizes
• cakes (please do not drop off until the morning of 7th July)

Other dates for the diary:

Sports Day: Wednesday 29th June 1.30 arrive for a 1.45 start
We are thrilled to be inviting family and friends of all pupils to join us for this year’s sports day on the field. Please arrive at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start and enter the field through the side gate. Please ensure that your child is fully equipped with sun hat, lotion and water bottle on this day.

Trelawny Day: 30th June
We are delighted that Reverend Richard has invited the whole school to the Church for a service on this day. Please drop your children at the normal time and we will walk over to the church after registration. The service will be no longer than 30 minutes.

Summer Neon Disco: Thursday 14th July 6-8pm- tickets on sale soon!
Transition Morning: Thursday 14th July (Pupils moving up to new classes within school time)
Year 6 Leavers Play and presentation: Thursday 21st July (afternoon - more info to follow )


Class 4   Residential Trip

Posted 24/06/2022
by Emily Orme

Day 2

Class 4 enjoyed their morning at The Big Sheep,  the high ropes, and climbing wall. They also squeezed in mountain boarding, archery and riffle shooting. What a busy day! 


Class 4   Residential Trip

Posted 22/06/2022
by Emily Orme

Day 1 

Class 4 arrived safe and sound and have had an awesome first day at Bideford Adventure Centre. 

Fingers crossed they are worn out enough to get some sleep! 


PreSchool   Week ending 24th June 2022

Posted 22/06/2022
by Emma Hickman

Week 3

Everyone had a Brilliant time at the trip to Porfell we couldn't have had better weather and it was lovely to catch up with all the mums and dads. The children were really excited to see all the animals, they had lots of questions about what the animals were or what they ate. It was lovely to watch to children giving the food to the animals and even those that were a bit worried tried to be brave so that they could feed them.

We have been learning all about Australia this week and it was lovely for the children to be able to see some actual Wallabys.

The children also made their own Animal Masks, although most children choose the more familiar animals of pigs and cows.

We have been looking at and talking about shapes this week. All the children have enjoyed playing with the shapes and the older children have been able to name and select shapes and then use these to make either new shapes or pictures such as "houses, boats and pizza" The children also needed to draw and cut out shapes for their animal masks.

Next week we have School sports day.   The children have kindly been asked to attend and take part in so we will continue to practice running on the school field.

Until then have a lovely weekend from Emma, Sam, Louise and Anna.


Class 4   Week ending 17th June 2022

Posted 19/06/2022
by Suzanne Porter

Hello everyone,


We’ve had a busy week in Class 4 with the excitement building for our upcoming residential. The children have taken the chance to ask any questions they had regarding the kit list or the general structure of the time away. 

It’s a busy few weeks so please ensure you check the dates section and Mrs Orme’s Head’s blog on this website to keep you informed.   

Please note that the Class 4 performance, which they have just finished writing, along with the Year 6 leavers’ presentation will be in the afternoon on Thursday 21st. All Class 4 parents are invited to this event, where Class 4 children will share their play followed by a presentation to celebrate our year 6 children, which all Class 4 parents may stay for.


The class have been extremely busy writing their play. It is all their own ideas- please take this into consideration when watching in July!!! During parts of our English and guided reading sessions we have learnt about the key features of play scripts along with writing the script and adding stage directions. We are now in the editing and improving stages where we will be running through the script and making improvements and adding annotations for extra stage direction etc.


Additionally, in English this week, we continued our learning based on Beowulf. We boxed up the original text and planned our own versions. 


This week, to make the most of the sunnier weather, we have taken some of our reading sessions outside.


In our maths learning this week, blue groups have been consolidating their understanding of 2d shapes and their properties, using Frayer models to support this. They have then created Keynote presentations on the iPads which they will share with the rest of the class next week. Yellow and orange groups have been learning to calculate the angles on a straight line and around a point whilst red group have learnt about parallel lines and lines of symmetry.


In our PSHE lessons this week, we learnt about changes and loss and the associated feelings. We discussed specific scenarios including moving schools and losing a pet. The children empathised with people in these situations and learnt about the stages of grief that can coincide with these feelings. We also continued to learn about healthy relationships and how we can work together without using controlling behaviours. During our outdoor learning time we then put this to the test by working collaboratively to achieve various goals with everyone having a fair chance in the activities.  

In our history learning, we learnt about the Vikings and how they used to live. We learnt about their houses, education, clothes and what they ate and drank. We also used our computing skills to research areas of our own interest which we compared to the present day. 

During our French learning this week we continued our learning of healthy and unhealthy foods.

In our RE lesson, we continued to discuss our beliefs using what we know and understand from a variety of religions.


In PE, we continued our focus on athletics. We tried different events in preparation for Sports Day, which is on the 29th of June.


Next week, is our Bridge School Games week, where the whole school will be trying to achieve their best sporting performances to score points to compete against the other schools in our trust. Class 4 will be trying their events on Monday afternoon so please ensure trainers are available.


Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. Please also continue to practise on TT Rockstars and improve your speed. 


A reminder that it is the residential this week! If you have any last-minute worries or questions, please don’t hesitate to email me on or catch me after school.

***Residential Wednesday- come into school in ‘residential’ clothes, through front office doors into our hall.

***Those not going on the residential may come into school in their outdoor learning clothes. The children have worked with me to create an exciting itinerary of activities

Ms Porter and the Class 4 team


Things to remember: 

*Apply sun cream before school and bring some to put on at lunch time.

*Bring a sun hat to school on sunnier days.

*Bring a refillable water bottle each day.


*Trainers for Monday



Class 3   Week ending Friday 17th June 2022

Posted 19/06/2022
by Rebecca Horn

*Request for Class 1 – we are looking for donations of wooden pallets and wooden cable drums please. If you are able to help, please speak to Mrs Horn or Mrs G. Many thanks in advance.*


Hello everyone


We have had another great week in Class 3, albeit it hot and sunny! Here’s an overview of what we have been up to. 


In English this week we continued our information text learning journey where we planned and wrote our information texts about global warming and climate change. We will evaluate and edit these next week before sharing them with others. 


We continued with our learning about states of matter in science where we planned and carried out an investigation to see which fizzy drink contained the most carbon dioxide. We decided on how we would ensure that it was a fair test before making a prediction and recording our results. Ask us what we did and how we found out which drink contained the most carbon dioxide. 


During our French learning this week we have started to explore vocabulary for clothing. We considered what we had previously learnt about masculine and feminine articles and were able to identify these when learning our new vocabulary. 


In our computing lesson we learnt about emails and how we can make an informed judgment based on information we are presented with about whether it is likely to be safe to open an email and attachment. We were using a checklist which included knowing the name of the sender, the subject being something you would expect etc to help support our decisions. 


Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. Please also continue to practise on TT Rockstars and Mathsframe. 


Just to let you know, I will be out of class on Monday and Wednesday through to Friday as I am going on the residential with Class 4. The usual Class 3 adults will be with you and if you have any requests/ messages that you would usually send to me via email, please send them to for this week only. Many thanks. 


Have a super weekend!

Mrs Horn and the Class 3 team


Things to remember: 

*Apply sun cream before school and bring some to put on at lunch time.

*Bring a sun hat to school on sunnier days.

*Bring a refillable water bottle each day.

*Outdoor learning on Thursday afternoon – wear suitable clothes to school. **This will take place before PE. 

*P.E. on Thursday afternoon with Arena. **This will take place after outdoor learning – children can either change into their PE kit or wear their outdoor learning clothes, if suitable. 

*Ensure you have some wellies in school for use on the field – these can then be left on your peg, so they are readily available for outdoor learning opportunities and play times. 

*Continue to read at home – ask an adult to sign your reading record once you have read… 15 reads = a trip to the prize box and marks towards your karate bands. 


Class 2   Week ending Friday 17th June

Posted 19/06/2022
by Helen Fenton

Hello everyone!

Well done to those children who received their first Kirate reading band this week. There are so many of you, who regular practice your reading at home, and it really makes a difference.

This week we have been learning all about standard measures in length, capacity and weight. We have been measuring trees, leaves and twigs in forest school, and used different kinds of twigs to help us to classify different types of trees.

In art, we have been drawing portraits, which we then used for our Father’s Day cards. 

In our English lessons, we  have been having a re-cap, of the different writing genres that have been covered this year. This has included instructions for the fairy cakes that we made for the Queen’s Jubilee., and a poem entitled; ‘10 things Found under the Sea.

Please log in to your mathletics and spelling shed accounts to see the homework set for you this week.

Please bring home reading books to school every day.

Wear forest school clothes to school on Wednesday.
Make sure PE kits are in school.
Please bring ukuleles into school now on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Fenton, Mrs Harper and Miss Milford


Head's Blog   Summer Week 7

Posted 17/06/2022
by Emily Orme

Happy Friday! 

We held our normal celebration assembly this morning; it is such a joy to hand out certificates for such a variety of reasons and to see the children’s proud faces as they come to up to receive their round of applause. See photos in the gallery below. You will also see some photos of our Jubilee Art competition winners. These children received first, second and third place in their class as judged by Reverend Richard. Congratulations!

School lunches
From Monday 20th June, every child’s school lunch will need to be ordered on ParentPay. You must order via ParentPay, regardless of whether your child is entitled to Free School Meals or not. The cut off time for ordering your child’s lunch will be 8am every day. It is easy to do this online and you can then choose your child’s lunch for them and they will know what they are having. We appreciate that this is a big change of routine for some and we are expecting it to take time to get used to. If there is ever an emergency and you need to order your child a lunch after the 8am cut off time, please call the school office and Mrs Thompson will add this to the order. This change to our routine is to ensure that the correct number of lunches is ordered and avoid any waste or, even worse, shortages!

Bridge School Games / National Sports Week
Next week is National Sports week. To celebrate this, we are taking part in the very first Bridge Schools Games. This event will see all Bridge Schools (14 academies) compete in 5 different activities across the week. There is even going to be a Bridge School Games opening ceremony on Monday morning. Let the games begin! Check the blog next week for lots of photos.

Sun Safety
Now that summer has finally arrived (you know it will rain next week now I’ve said that) please ensure that your child comes to school with a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream. If you could apply your child’s sun lotion before school that would be great, then children will get an opportunity to reapply during the day.

Online Safety
We have very recently been informed of a character appearing, often slipping through parental controls, called Huggy Wuggy. If you see or hear your child talking about this character please be aware that it is NOT appropriate for primary aged children. The link below takes you to a website that explains what it is and what your children might encounter should they click on anything to do with those two words.

So that you know, websites or links with these words in are NOT suitable for Primary Aged children: 'Free team manga', 'Free team anime' 'Hiischooldxd' and 'Henti'. We realise that the world of online safety can be tricky to navigate, but do let us know if you have any questions or are able to tell us anything new.

Coming up:

Sports Day: Wednesday 29th June 1.30 arrive for a 1.45 start
We are thrilled to be inviting family and friends of all pupils to join us for this year’s sports day on the field. Please arrive at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start and enter the field through the side gate. Please ensure that your child is fully equipped with sun hat, lotion and water bottle on this day.

Summer Fun afternoon: Thursday 7th July (timings to be confirmed)
Families are invited to join us for an afternoon of fun on the field. Bring along some pennies and take part in some of our games stalls run by the pupils. FOPS will be there running a raffle and another one of their infamous bake sales! More information on this to follow, but we look forward to seeing you there.

Summer Neon Disco: Thursday 14th July 6-8pm- tickets on sale soon!

Transition Morning: Thursday 14th July
The whole school will be taking part in a transition morning when pupils will spend the whole morning with their new teachers in their new classrooms (for some!). New Reception parents will have received separate information about this event.

Year 6 Leavers Play and presentation: Thursday 21st July (afternoon)
Families of Year 6 pupils will be invited in to watch their children perform in the eagerly awaiting Year 6 play. The performance will be followed by a presentation as we bid our eldest pupils farewell and good luck with the next chapter!


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